Tales from The Foxes of Foxham – Book Review

Another Phenomenal book from Matteo Sedazzari teaching the importance of understanding our values and differences and in the case of the book the differences between foxes and humans, however it also points out our similarities. A lesson on understanding, empathy, inclusion and expectance. Every chapter has a message such as standing up for what you

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The Statue Thieves

The Statue Thieves Interview

Formed in 2012, London-based The Statue Thieves latest EP “Where Did The Sun Go?” Is available on all digital platforms from the 25th of November 2021. Its a soulful blend of Psychedelia, garage and Indie Rock with textures of blues, noise and soul. The EP has been recorded with the band performing live during one

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John Hellier Half A Century And Counting My Life In Music

HALF A CENTURY AND COUNTING! My Life In Music John Hellier (Nov 2021) THE MUSIC: Born in 1949 and a teenager in the swinging sixties. Good timing eh? Music has always been prominent in my life. At the age of 7 (in 1956) I can distinctly remember Skiffle music, Teddy Boys and early Elvis records

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A new generation of indie music bands breaking through

A new generation of indie music bands breaking through By Jason Disley There is something special about live music – It somehow gives rise to an optimism for the future when in these post Covid times a band comes onto the scene that has the ability to show that there is a new generation of

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Alan May & The Five Faces – On Our Way To Genoa – Review

ALAN MAY & THE FIVE FACES oN OUR WAY TO GENOA -REVIEW On Our Way To Genoa/Only You Our good friend and renowned DJ Alan May joined forces with Italian mod revival power pop band The Five Faces to release a new single “On Our Way To Genoa” I have had many discussions with Alan

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“ The Modernist Beat” – The story of Jason Disley

“ The Modernist Beat” – The story of Jason Disley I was born in 1969, my Dad was only 17 when I was born, brought up in Manchester, my Dad had flirted with the trade of being a DJ, and as many a young man in the North his obsessions were with black American music,

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