Review of Jodie’s Debut Single Pushover

A phenomenal debut single from Jodie who describes herself as a 60s soul in a Millennials body. Jodie has a wide range of influences ranging from new wave, 60’s Soul and Motown. Her influences are definitely apparent throughout the song especially with Motown vibes and a soulful feel from the start. From the opening piano

Exclusive Interview with the Writer & Producer of TWOL “This Way Of Life”

Rising from the ashes of the 1980’s Mod culture comes a modern-day story of five undying friendships, stained by gangland violence, loss and bloody revenge. A film likened to some of the great British classics such as This Is England, Snatch and Lock Stock. Spanning between 1982 and present day we follow the five key

The Speed Of Sound – NEW Single Review

Flying high: The Speed of Sound produce another gem I will confess – I have soft spot for the Speed of Sound. It’s not just because they are quite wonderful people; it is because they are gifted musicians. After many years together they are still pushing the boundaries. So, with great pleasure I opened the

Psykobilly – Patron Saint Of Nothing Review

Since starting Mods Of Your Generation I have had the pleasure to meet some great people from all walks of life and hear some great music from all genres. Some that do not necessarily fit into the so called Mod genre. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be recognised or it’s not worthy of

Turner New album ‘Daydreams and Stars’ Review & Exclusive Interview

  Turner New album ‘Daydreams and Stars’ review and interview. Louise Turner interview followed by track track review of upcoming album “Daydreams and Stars” Interview conducted by Chris Matthews.   The arrival of your new album ‘Daydreams and stars’ is nearly ready for its release? What are we all to expect? Its like a little

Sharp Class – Living For Kicks Review

Sharp Class have done it again….!!!, I have followed Sharp Class from the very beginning, interviewing them in August 2019 the band have gone from strength to strength having not released a bad song yet. Recently featured on Rodney Bingenheimer’s US Radio Show, a man who clearly knows his music being famed for airing up

Now and Then: An Interview with Jim Babjak of The Smithereens

  There are dates in our lives that really stand out and a key one for me was 30th January 1987. I was sat watching the chaotic UK TV show ‘The Tube’ and The Smithereens were introduced and launched into ‘Blood and Roses’. There – that throaty haunting bassline from Mike Mesaros, the solid backbeat