Exclusive Interview with the Writer & Producer of TWOL “This Way Of Life”

Rising from the ashes of the 1980’s Mod culture comes a modern-day story of five undying friendships, stained by gangland violence, loss and bloody revenge. A film likened to some of the great British classics such as This Is England, Snatch and Lock Stock. Spanning between 1982 and present day we follow the five key characters as they prepare for a weekend away, not knowing that their loyalties will be tested to the full, as their lives are ripped apart.

The concept was originally formed when two School friends, Spencer Wilder and Martin Porter, vowed to one day produce a film that touched on their teenage exploits. They’re cultural roots were forged in the 80’s and they wanted to pay homage to those vibrant times, with a trip or two down memory lane, whilst focussing on lifelong friendship.

More than thirty years on and through the partnering of Carol Harrison the ‘TWOL’ Promo and Full Feature Script are production ready. Mods Of Your Generation is proud and privileged to be the first to find out all about it in an exclusive interview. Read More Below

Mods Of Your Generation – Interview – TWOL “This Way Of Life”

It’s clear the inspiration behind the film is ignited by memories of growing up in 80s Margate, and the subcultures of that time. Tell us in more detail the concept and story behind the film?

When we talk about the 80’s it makes us feel so old. Back then our phones lived in red boxes on street corners and Face Book, well that was an expression our teachers used to draw us back into the lesson and away from the antics of the classroom. We fell into the Modernist movement off the back of the 79 revival. Our go to film. like so many of that era, was Quadrophenia. But unlike Quadrophenia we weren’t fighting with Rockers. We were fighting with Skinheads and Soul Boys and the weird ones on the block were the New Romantics and a few stray Punks. It was a vibrant but also a very bleak time for many. Forty years on and we embrace our old rivals drinking and laughing about old times with vivid memories as if it all happened yesterday.
1982 is the baseline for our film’s flashbacks. The year that the Jam split up and Channel Four launched. The media was alive with pictures of our Troops heading off to the Falklands and the tragedies that followed.

Thatcher’s Britain was fuelling social unrest, but we were teenagers and living for the day with no focus on our future.
Wind the clock forward and we wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before. A story of true lifelong friendships, celebrating our roots whilst hitting on a view of the current Modernist culture and some of the issues that are often bypassed.

How did the idea to write the film evolve and has the films concept and story altered from the original idea?

Many moons ago we vowed to one day write a film about our teenage exploits. Spencer also promised to return my Quadrophenia album and that never happened, but four years ago the seed for the film was resown. As a writer Spence did what writers do and we ended up with enough story lines to produce a five part TV Drama. So with a shed load of script’s we started to seek feedback and it wasn’t long before we were cutting the scripts with a new focus being the Feature Film.

Carol Harrison is directing the film best known in recent years for writing and producing the successful West End Musical ‘All or Nothing’. How did her involvement in the film come about?

The All Or Nothing musical is a real go to show for me. It captures the relationship of the Faces and charts their progress, high’s and lows, in a way that we envisaged our film characters being portrayed. Good old Face Book and a ‘friend’s request’ to Carol got us talking and it was soon evident that she was the person we needed to bring This Way Of Life, to life. We are not only blessed to have her as Director she also agreed to play a role in the film. How good is that..

The film soundtrack is said to be completely new and original. Tell us more about it and some of the bands, musicians and songwriters involved and what can we expect?

Spencer has written the complete Soundtrack. It will encompass several character-based songs to support the scenes and some more generic songs to create the atmosphere for the film. Its an eclectic range from Ska, 60’s and Revival Mod, Acid Jazz with a few in between styles. Love to tell you more about the musicians and some of the singers but I can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet but I’m sure you will recognise some of them.

The film has some incredible partners involved tell us about their involvement?

Gatch Rivett came on board in the early days. He spotted our project and kindly agreed to create a poignant scooter ‘Living In Broken Times’. The scooter will be ridden by Andy Beckwith in the film. We wanted the scooter to portray a gritty reminder of our past and Gatch absolutely nailed it. He also painted a helmet to match the scooter and committed his artwork to canvas as a lasting reminder. A limited run of the canvas prints is now available to backers.
We are also proud to be associated with Scootering magazine who will be running an article on the Scooter and the film so get your order in and hope you enjoy the read.
The incredible Badge Man Ltd has produced our badges and the merchandise available through our crowd funding page.
Mad Mods and a Camera is credited for our Logo, photographs and much more. We are also pleased to announce that he will be our on-set stills photographer.

I understand you have chosen to support the charity Help For Heroes, they help wounded veterans overcome daily battles affecting them after leaving the forces. Tell us more about it and why that particular charity is important to you?

We grew up with the glorification of war. Playing with toy guns and dressing up was the norm and who at some stage in their childhood didn’t want to join the forces in one guise or another. For us the harsh realities of war were brought to life through the footage of events as they unfolded in the Falklands. It was not long before our romantic thoughts of soldiering were replaced by the empathy of those involved and their families. Years on and numerous campaigns later there are many ex-serviceman fighting their personal battles with far too many living in broken times. We’ve dedicated one of our tracks ‘Crimson Horizon’ to Help For Heroes who will receive all proceeds of its sale. We are also about to launch a Just Giving page and as from the 1st July the charity will get 50% of every donation given on our Crowd Funding page. Please keep your eyes out for updates and support wherever you can.

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up through indiegogo so that partners, supporters and backers can support the production of the film with exclusive rewards in return for their support. Tell us more about that?

Hey, it’s all very exciting stuff. Our site is live so please check it out www.twol82.com and click on the ‘Back The Film Button’. We have lots of limited-edition goodies to choose from including badges, Mugs, T shirts, CD’s signed scripts and original artwork as well as extras positions. A chance to be in the promo and secure a place in the feature. You can also just go on there and simply donate. We are extremely grateful for anything you can offer from backer’s rewards, donations or simply spreading the word, every bit helps. We cannot deliver this film without your support, and we truly hope you will get behind us.

How much are you looking to raise and what happens next?

We need twenty-two thousand pounds to make the promo film and soundtrack. The money will pay for all the shoot locations, licenses actors fees and the cutting-edge cinematography. Obviously, we are pulling in lots of favours to ensure the budget is stretched but doesn’t impact this amazing production planned for screening at the 2022 Film Festivals. From there we will be looking to gain finance and broadcasting partners to produce the feature and its delivery to market and ultimately you.

TWOL will not be the end of our venture it is just the beginning. We’ve already started to look into its prequal. Set in 1982 we travel back to the birth of Mod and the relationships of our characters parents. But first things first eh that’s another story….

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