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The Visionary behind Heavy Soul Records! – Adam Cooper Interview

Get ready for an exclusive interview with Adam Cooper, the visionary behind the prestigious Heavy Soul Records! We will delve into the label’s beginnings, its well-earned reputation for exceptional releases from both emerging and established artists, and exciting plans for the future. But that’s not all! Heavy Soul Records goes beyond being just a record

Mod Revival 1979: Second Generation Mods ‘n’ Rockers – Review

This review is about the book “Mod Revival 1979” by Anthony Gregory, which provides a comprehensive and engaging analysis of the mod revival movement that emerged in the UK in the late 1970s. The book covers the music, fashion, and cultural context of the mod scene and includes first-hand accounts and interviews with key figures from the era. The review highlights the book’s strengths in research, writing, and illustration, and recommends it to readers interested in the history of British culture and music.

A Mod Epic – The Jimmy Mack saga.

A Mod Epic – The Jimmy Mack saga. On New Year’s Eve, 1969, I was twenty. At the time I didn’t appreciate how lucky I had been to have lived through the best decade of my life. At least, not until I retired and reflected on my time as a young Mod between late 1965

John Hellier Half A Century And Counting My Life In Music

HALF A CENTURY AND COUNTING! My Life In Music John Hellier (Nov 2021) THE MUSIC: Born in 1949 and a teenager in the swinging sixties. Good timing eh? Music has always been prominent in my life. At the age of 7 (in 1956) I can distinctly remember Skiffle music, Teddy Boys and early Elvis records

From The Floorboards Up! Author Exclusive

From The Floorboards Up! A unique collection of fan’s photographs from around the world, also contains interviews with fans, narrative by Pat Gilbert (MOJO), setlists, tickets and tour posters from the first 30 solo years, 1990-2019. All the photos in the new book are from live events in the UK and overseas, taken from 1990

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