The Style Council – Long Hot Summers / The Story Of The Style Council – Review

The Style Council – Long Hot Summers / The Story Of The Style Council – Review The design  and the whole artwork of Long Hot Summers is exquisitely stylish and cool in the tradition of the old Style Council records (the inspirational award goes to their previous brilliant graphic designer Simon Halfon). It comes in

Groovy Uncle Review – Songs that you didn’t know you knew.

Songs that you didn’t know you knew. It happens very rarely, but when it does it honestly shocks you. The phrase… Why haven’t I heard of this band before???? Such it is with Groovy Uncle. I first got to hear about them on the Aldora Britain Label Compilations. (where you can get a lot of

The LightScopes Interview

The Lightscopes are an Indie, BritPop, Rock & Roll band from Essex, formed in 2015 and influenced by bands such as Oasis, The Who, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Wolf Alice and The Enemy to name a few. They have been together for relativity a short time in the musical world however they have already gained

Interview with Subculture – Youthful, Energetic & Cool

Interview with Subculture – Youthful, Passionate, Energetic & Cool SubCulture are three youthful, passionate, energetic cool teenage lads reigning from Nottingham. They are a mod inspired band which is reflected in their sound and image. Their performance is energy fuelled with a know nonsense approach to putting on an incredible performance. They remind many fans

Interview With Tina Freeman – Stinger The Book

I came across ‘Stinger’ after seeing a post on Facebook an illustrated book based on Quadrophenia. Intrigued by the beautifully painted images I wanted to find out more. I discovered that it was a kickstarter project and Immediately wanted to show my support and pledge. I then discovered Tina Freeman the lady behind the idea

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