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To Be Someone Film Review

Image ©️ Kaleidoscope Entertainment Firstly, if you were expecting a Quadrophenia Sequel then you’ll be sadly disappointed. In fact it has no references or connections to Quadrophenia at all. I suppose the only connection is that it features the original cast minus Phil Daniels. The book of the same name that came before it is

Review of Jodie’s Debut Single Pushover

A phenomenal debut single from Jodie who describes herself as a 60s soul in a Millennials body. Jodie has a wide range of influences ranging from new wave, 60’s Soul and Motown. Her influences are definitely apparent throughout the song especially with Motown vibes and a soulful feel from the start. From the opening piano

Blouzouki – Uncle Joe – Album Review

About BLOUZouki: BLOUZouki is an international world music band originally formed in Istanbul, in 2012. The band’s leader, Hugo Labattut, is a French singer, songwriter, musician and composer. His music is heavily influenced by his travels; he takes inspiration from making new discoveries and the places he visits shape his songwriting and lyrics. Indeed talking

RudeSix Interview – Youthful, Energetic & Revamping Ska

Band Members: Vocals: Olivia Linley, Guitar: Dean Pinnegar, Bass: Martin Gove-Evans, Drums: Harry Bryan, Brass: William Staff, Sax: Oscar Pickerill Youthful, energetic six piece band from Nuneaton on a mission to revamp Ska & Reggae with their own unique twist. They have been creating a buzz in the midlands and adopting a massive fan base

Interview With The 48k’s – Every Whisper Has A Voice

The 48k’s got in touch with Mods Of Your Generation to help promote their debut album ‘Every Whisper Has a Voice’ once I heard the excellent story telling lyrics I happily obliged. It was a pleasure to listen too and another great opportunity to promote great music performed by a great band. Already the album