To Be Someone Film Review

Image ©️ Kaleidoscope Entertainment Firstly, if you were expecting a Quadrophenia Sequel then you’ll be sadly disappointed. In fact it has no references or connections to Quadrophenia at all. I suppose the only connection is that it features the original cast minus Phil Daniels. The book of the same name that came before it is

Interview With Tina Freeman – Stinger The Book

I came across ‘Stinger’ after seeing a post on Facebook an illustrated book based on Quadrophenia. Intrigued by the beautifully painted images I wanted to find out more. I discovered that it was a kickstarter project and Immediately wanted to show my support and pledge. I then discovered Tina Freeman the lady behind the idea

Who The F**k is The Magic Mod- An Interview with The Magic Mod Ben Taylor

Who The F**k Is The Magic Mod- Ben Taylor If you don’t know then where have you been?. I wanted to find out more so I asked him if he would do an exclusive interview for “Mods Of Your Generation”. The Magic Mod has been performing all over the UK. He has entertained and wowed

Interview with Director & Artist of Being Film Devlin Crow

Devlin Crow is a film director and artist, who has made a series of renowned, award winning short films. Has worked with Pete Townshend, Nick Cave, Sir John Tavener, Christopher Lee and among others. Brighton Palace Pier unveiled a commemorative plaque to celebrate his most recent film Being, that has a nod to The Who’s