Alan May & The Five Faces – On Our Way To Genoa – Review


On Our Way To Genoa/Only You

Our good friend and renowned DJ Alan May joined forces with Italian mod revival power pop band The Five Faces to release a new single “On Our Way To Genoa”

I have had many discussions with Alan May on the lead up to the release and this is very much something completely out of his comfort zone. Alan has been a fan of the Five Faces for many years and regularly features them on his weekly radio show. Consequently, I know this has been on his bucket list for many years. Although initially anxious about the prospect of singing lead vocals on the track Alan was thrilled to have the opportunity.

The song is inspired by the fascination of sunny escapades to Italy, absorbing the fashion, culture and friendships made along the way. Describing sunny beaches, fine wine and traveling on a Lambretta to the coastal city of Genoa. The Five Faces performed live in Genoa in 2015 after reforming after many years apart so perhaps this is a song dedicated to that time.

Alan Mays gravelly, enthusiastic, captivating vocals combined with the stripped-down, power pop backing of The Five Faces makes this track remarkably memorable. After the first chorus you can’t help yourself singing along to the incredibly catchy lyrics. It’s one of those tracks that just stick in your head and you find yourself having visions of sun, sea and happiness on the tourist city.

The flip side “Only you” was previously released on the band’s most recent album “Meali” however the obvious change is that the lyrics and vocals have been transformed from Italian to English. Which ultimately makes the release appealing to collectors and the perfect track to accompany “On Our Way to Genoa”. The single can be downloaded from all major music platforms HERE and the CD can be purchased directly from Alan May with available shipping worldwide.

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