Jerry Dammers: An appreciation for the Innovator of 2 Tone

Jerry Dammers: An appreciation for the Innovator of 2 Tone Jerry Dammers, born on May 22, 1955, is a British musician, songwriter, and political activist ...
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Scarlett Fever: A fresh new Mod Band to watch out for.

Formed in 2020, Scarlett Fever is a fresh and exciting band hailing from Crewe, Cheshire. The band was initially a trio, consisting of Harry on ...
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POPINCOURT – New album “We were bound to meet”

POPINCOURT – New album “We were bound to meet” – Out on September 2023 – ! (   We were bound to meet… Yes, ...
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The Faithful Brothers: Israeli Soul Band Dedicated to the Cause

Tel Aviv, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse music scene, may seem an unlikely birthplace for a Northern Soul movement. Yet, beneath ...
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The Yardbirds logo design

The Yardbirds: Pioneers of Blues Rock and Psychedelic Innovation

In the swirling haze of the 1960s, a band emerged, weaving sonic tapestries that echoed the spirit of their era. The Yardbirds, pioneers of blues ...
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Small faces collage

Small Faces: The Mod Icons of the 1960s and Beyond

In the vibrant landscape of 1960s London, where the air was thick with cultural revolution and artistic experimentation, emerged a band that would redefine the ...
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The Chords: A Mod Revival Band’s Rise to Cult Status

The Chords, a South East London group, formed in 1978 when singer/guitarist Billy Hassett and his bassist cousin, Martin Mason, advertised for musicians in the ...
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Man At Q And M: A Journey of Growth and Evolution

It has been almost two years since we featured an article on the North Wales band, Man At Q And M. During that time, founder ...
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The Jam’s Shocking Split: Exploring New Musical Horizons

Paul Weller, the frontman of The Jam, made a shocking announcement that sent shockwaves through the music industry. After five years of unparalleled success, Weller ...
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The Rolling Stones angry

The Rolling Stones’ Angry: A Fiery Single from Their Latest Album

The Rolling Stones have been a driving force in the rock 'n' roll scene for over five decades, and their latest album, released on October ...
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