Man At Q And M: A Journey of Growth and Evolution

Man At Q And M: A Journey of Growth and Evolution Creating “Music to comfort disturbed people and to disturb comfortable people!

It has been almost two years since we featured an article on the North Wales band, Man At Q And M. During that time, founder Mark Hedge was experimenting with different lineups, including a live DJ with guitar and vocals. Although the concept was innovative, it became clear after their first gig in Huddersfield that they needed to add more depth to their sound. Mark found himself overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being the vocalist and guitarist, juggling pedals, loops, and engaging with the crowd. However, this two-piece setup did leave behind a legacy of impressive studio tracks that are still performed today.

Man At Q And M Front-Man Mark Hedge
Man At Q And M Front-Man Mark Hedge

As we reflect on the past two years, it is evident that Man At Q And M has experienced significant growth and evolution. During this period, not only has the band undergone an almost complete lineup change, but the new additions have also brought value and depth to their sound. This transformation has propelled them to new heights and a steady, continuous climb towards success.

Man At Q And M Evolve and return to the classic roots of a Three-Piece Lineup

After a year with the previous lineup, Mark felt it was time for Man At Q And M to evolve and return to the classic roots of a three-piece lineup consisting of guitar, bass, and drums. Mark invited an old bass-playing friend, Damian (Mckeon), back into the fold, with whom he had previously worked with. Mark states, “Damian and I share similar musical influences, and his laid-back personality made him the perfect fit.” Mark focuses on the band’s songwriting and direction, while Damian provides solid bass lines exactly where they are needed. Damian also shares Mark’s modernist sensibilities and fashion sense, aligning with Mark’s visionary image for the band. Mark tells me that he has previous experience working with a London record label that regarded a band’s image as just as important as their sound. I have to somewhat agree because, after all, if the band doesn’t look good, then you aren’t going to want to listen.

It’s evident that Mark and the band understand this importance, always wearing top-notch attire that defines the band’s impression and image. Damian quickly became familiar with the songs they had performed together in the past. The only missing piece was a jaw-dropping percussionist essential for live performances and building their fan base and evolving sound. While the DJ-generated percussion was unique and effective, Mark says that he believed that nothing could compare to the infectious energy of a live drummer, and we can’t agree more.

Bringing the Beat Back: Olly Joins the Man At Q And M, Elevating Their Sound and Visual Appeal

Damian introduced Olly (Burrage) to the mix, a drummer who had been inactive for some time. However, despite his inactivity, he has not missed a beat. Mark describes him as an exceptional drummer, and from the very first time they played together, he knew they were onto something great. Olly seamlessly integrated into the now three-piece very quickly, which was made easy by the fact that he also shared similar influences with Mark and Damian. Mark also noted that having Olly’s vintage Premier kit complementing his Gretsch guitars and Damian’s Rickenbacker bass on stage was an added bonus. As someone who values presentation and image, the visual appeal made the experience all the more satisfying and visually appealing during their live gigs.


Man At Q And M: Dolgarrog music festival, September 2023
Man At Q And M: Dolgarrog music festival, September 2023

Passion and Progress: Man At Q And M’s Journey to Success and Exciting Plans for the Future

Building a successful band takes time and hard work, and it is evident that Man At Q And M have a raw passion for their craft. They dedicated a year to refining their high-energy setlist and crafting captivating song structures that would fascinate and captivate live audiences. They produced a collection of original tracks that touched on various subjects, reflecting the gritty reality of the world we live in. The majority of the tracks can be found for free on Soundcloud and YouTube, so I urge you to check them out. When it comes to covers to complement their original sound during live performances, they delved into the depths of old blues hollers and obscure tracks, giving them a contemporary twist with their unique blend of surf, rockabilly, and alternative blues. Man At Q And M could be compared to a British version of The Black Keys or The White Stripes, but instead of singing about life in Mississippi they sing about living on an estate in Liverpool (Yellow Breck Road) and the intriguing characters they encounter along the way. Local gigs in the North Wales area allowed them to fine-tune their setlist. They briefly experimented with adding a dedicated vocalist to the lineup but ultimately decided that sacrificing a pristine voice for energy and flair was the better choice. The band quickly developed a solid set that resonated with their audience. Their talent caught the attention of Mike Badger (The La’s), who invited them to perform at a local festival he was organising, solidifying their confidence to push forward.

Drummer Olly Burrage Dolgarrog music festival 2923
Drummer Olly Burrage Dolgarrog music festival 2023

So, where does Man At Q And M stand now? As they enter 2024, they are in a strong position. They have launched a brand-new website and plan to hit the studio early in the year. Above all, their focus for the coming year is to get out there and perform. For all those looking for a band to perform at your venues or festival, these guys would surely jump at the chance. If you haven’t heard the band before, I encourage you to check them out and follow their socials to stay updated on future gigs and performances in a town or city near you.

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