The Modern Way Film – Jake Henderson & Giuseppe Monticciolo

The Modern Way is a drama set within 1980s Britain. Danni, a young skinhead is struggling with her home life and is hanging out with the wrong crowd. When her late brother’s best friend Terry Harrison comes back to town, he tries to guide her onto a better path. In connection with the story a

Interview with The Troggs Frontman Chris Allen

Who can forget “Wild Thing”? The Troggs have a unique history with many members of the years, always been remembered for this 60s anthem, but it is just one of their many UK hits. The Troggs legacy is well documented having inspired many generations since their beginnings in 1964. Regarded as the “first British punk

Ronnie Lane – one for the road memorial concert DVD Review

Ronnie Lane one for the road memorial concert dVD Review I recently learned about this concert and couldn’t wait to have a watch so downloaded it on Amazon and purchased the dvd. It took place on 8th April 2004 with almost two years of planning going into it. Various artists came together to perform to

John Hellier Half A Century And Counting My Life In Music

HALF A CENTURY AND COUNTING! My Life In Music John Hellier (Nov 2021) THE MUSIC: Born in 1949 and a teenager in the swinging sixties. Good timing eh? Music has always been prominent in my life. At the age of 7 (in 1956) I can distinctly remember Skiffle music, Teddy Boys and early Elvis records

I AM ONE – Review of Short Film from “It’s My Shout

Mods Of Your Generation Review of Short Film from “It’s My Shout” which aired on BBC. I AM ONE is a short film which aired on BBC Two a few days ago and created a bit of a buzz once we shared the details of the film on our Facebook page. It was a production

To Be Someone Film Review

Image ©️ Kaleidoscope Entertainment Firstly, if you were expecting a Quadrophenia Sequel then you’ll be sadly disappointed. In fact it has no references or connections to Quadrophenia at all. I suppose the only connection is that it features the original cast minus Phil Daniels. The book of the same name that came before it is

Who’s Interested In A Scooter Film – “The Pebble And The Boy”

A wee while ago I wrote about a film looking to be made called ‘The Pebble and the boy’, it’s a modern-day mod film inspired by the music of Paul Weller, some of the second wave mod bands and new ones too. Well, the filming is finally happening, starting July 22nd and the big one

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