I AM ONE – Review of Short Film from “It’s My Shout

Mods Of Your Generation Review of Short Film from “It’s My Shout” which aired on BBC.

I AM ONE is a short film which aired on BBC Two a few days ago and created a bit of a buzz once we shared the details of the film on our Facebook page. It was a production brought to us by It’s My Shout which is a training scheme, based in Wales, providing training for all ages interested in gaining experience in Film. Each year they produce short films for BBC Wales, S4C, Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales. Offering a wide range of opportunities in the creative industry, sharing experiences, skills and confidence with everyone. It is their passion to nurture, develop and discover new talent.
We had a chat with the Director Alexander Vlahos about the inspiration behind the film and he explained having vivid memories as a young boy singing LOVE REIGN OV’ER ME after he had been given Quadrophenia the album as a gift from his step father. He instantly felt hooked on the music and absorbed himself into mod culture, he became obsessed with the film and all of its counterparts.

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He spoke to a guy who worked at a Welsh newspaper to see if he had any pictures or articles pertaining to the famous beach fight, notably if there were any Welsh mods at the scene. He found a newspaper clipping about 3 boys who travelled from Bridgend to Brighton on their Lambrettas. Only two of them returned to the Welsh valleys. This was the story he needed, the hook, if you will to create the starting point to the film.

He was supported in his venture of creating the film by Executive Producers at the BBC, and from the in-house company Its My Shout. He wanted the film to be a Welsh voice in the Mod culture catalogue. The film was set in 1964 but as many pointed out there appeared to be various period mistakes throughout. We asked Alexander about this and he responded saying “Ahah! The period mistakes were a given considering the low budget I had to work with”

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Despite the obvious modern scooters and apparel we feel this doesn’t distract away from the films overall production, convincing actors and hard hitting and emotional storyline.

It was clear the films storyline was written with a genuine passion for The Who’s Rock opera Quadrophenia with various song lyrics purposely thrown in to the script which showed a genuine passion and nod of respect to the timeless classic.
 I AM ONE is a touching story that unfolds between a father and his son despite being a generation apart they come to realise they have more in common they the first thought, It’s a must watch in our opinion.

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So what’s the film about?

It’s 1964, and mod Billy returns home from a bloody and violent encounter with a rocker on Brighton beach. His dad, Ron, attempts to draw the story out of Billy in an emotional exchange through the bathroom door. Across an open and painful talk, the two come to realise that they have more in common than they thought.

You can watch the film on BBC iPlayer HERE

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  1. I had the pleasure of taking part in this production wandering about in the nightclub scenes and teaching one of the main Mod characters to ride my Royal Alloy scooter . Alot of hard work went into producing this short film and I think that the end result was well worth it, I would love to see the story developed into a full length feature.

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