A review of the brand new up and coming song THIS IS NOW from REACTION

Formed in Burton on Trent Nov 1980, REACTION blasted on to the Mod Revival scene supporting top revival bands of that era, such as The Jam, Secret Affair, Purple Hearts, Lambrettas and The Quads to name a few. They performed at a variety of notable venues across the UK sharing the same stage with bands like The Lambrettas, The Mods, Hidden Charms, The Questions and the Dolly Mixtures. The band were short lived only being on the scene for two years but left a legacy in their own right. Now that front man singer/songwriter Bruno Gallone is back writing new material who knows what could be in store for the band. There is no doubt in my opinion if “This Is Now” was released in 1980 it would of been a Mod Revival anthem. Despite that it’s a definite ringer for an anthem of 2021s new breed of Aspiring Modernists. Let’s just hope people go and check it out because it’s bloody ace.

Johnny Bradley
Mods Of Your Generation

A review of the brand new up and coming song THIS IS NOW from REACTION – by Alan May (The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show)

When Bruno 1st sent over the unfinished track, I was immediately taken back to 1979/1980 and was hooked to the point that by my second run through of the song I was joining in with the chorus.
Derbyshire based Reaction offer something different in the revival style – it is easy to label the band and shelve Reaction into a certain genre, but if I had to it would be Mod with a new wave enthused underbelly with a hint of popish punk.

Bruno has certainly put together something special with this track and when you listen to the track you can hear snippets from revival favourites Squire in the vocal , along with a hint of the Stranglers with the bass, with rich and resonant throb and bounce from the dominating guitar compliments an almost basic drum beat and Bruno’s own vocal which is somewhat developed in its own style, finishes off a unique outing of pure brilliance.

Summing up, Reaction offer a rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary and has its own identity. This is in my opinion the bands best Track to date – a real revival gem. It’s one of those tracks that gets stuck in your head and you find yourself singing along too and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Due to be released 25/10/21

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