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Firstly, if you were expecting a Quadrophenia Sequel then you’ll be sadly disappointed. In fact it has no references or connections to Quadrophenia at all. I suppose the only connection is that it features the original cast minus Phil Daniels. The book of the same name that came before it is a follow up to the timeless classic and this film is most definitely not. I always thought Quadrophenia should be left alone anyways and nobody would do a sequel better than original director Franc Roddam.

Anyways, The storyline follows the main character Danny a club owner who discovers he has a secret financier. Mad Mike, an unhinged gangster who forces Danny into completing an illegal drugs run to The Isle of Wight in return for his shares of the club. Seeing their friend at an all-time low Danny’s mates step in with a plan (which is ridiculous) and they attend the annual mod festival and use the scooter enthusiasts as cover to get out with the drug stash hidden on the island.

Overall, the film is below average and in all aspects makes a mockery of the mod scene. Described as “riotous and roaringly funny celebration of British scooter culture” which makes you feel embarrassed to be part of it if that’s how people not connected the scene will portray mods & scooterists when watching the film.

The most unsettling thing that came out of the film was a character portrayed by Perry Benson named “Kev The Perv” which sees him looking up woman’s skirts and sniffing scooter seats they had sat on. I’m sorry but I don’t find that funny. Its distasteful, cringe worthy and off putting making it hard to watch. His character has no relevance in the film and degrades woman and doesn’t shine a positive light on men’s outlook of them.

The plot on paper reads like it should be interesting but in reality it’s pretty ridiculous. However Director Ray Burdis has stated that it was meant to be a lighthearted bit of fun and not to be taken seriously.

The only benefit I suppose is the scooters and the films soundtrack which features our friends The Electric Stars and The K’s. It was in a small way nice to see the cast of Quadrophenia reunite but it’s a shame it’s in this film. The film is described as a comedy which in my opinion fails to deliver. Trevor Laird who plays a Character named Rudi was the most funny throughout but only because of his epic fail at a Jamaican Accent. His performance although was by far the best from the Quad Cast and the most memorable with some decent one liners.

The films production is good with some classic scooters on show and some great shots of them in motion. The promotion of Royal Alloy is over the top and in some cases feels like a commercial advertising them.

Sam Gittins who plays the main character Danny is by far the most believable actor in the film despite the ridiculous story and unbearable narrative. His performance vaguely resembles a watered down Tom Hardy and I’m sure with any other script he would of excelled.

In summary it’s an over the top embarrassing attempt at promoting British Mod culture and a film that makes a mockery of the mod scene. The type of film that you put on to watch with your mates with a few beers but one that you won’t watch again or recommended in either category of Comedy or gangster genre.

Side Note – Why is the target on the front cover of the DVD the wrong colour?

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