Blouzouki – Uncle Joe – Album Review

About BLOUZouki:

BLOUZouki is an international world music band originally formed in Istanbul, in 2012. The band’s leader, Hugo Labattut, is a French singer, songwriter, musician and composer. His music is heavily influenced by his travels; he takes inspiration from making new discoveries and the places he visits shape his songwriting and lyrics. Indeed talking to local people, listening to their stories and turning them into songs is what BLOUZouki is all about: Labattut uses his songs to paint a portrait of the world he sees, in a musical style that embraces blues, swing, chanson and more.

Having been born on the streets of Istanbul, BLOUZouki travelled all over Europe before settling in its current home, Lisbon. The band’s latest album, “Uncle Joe”, was recorded in Istanbul in 2019 with an ensemble of international musicians, many of them Turkish. To present that album and more to Lisbon audiences, Labattut is now joined by Daniel Ribeiro on guitar, Rafael Morgado on double bass and Alessandro Tomei on drums.

Our Review

Something a bit different musically than what we normally feature on mods of your generation but like many of the artists we feature there is something contained in this album that stands out. A regular band featured on Aldora Britain records that we discovered in their weekly e-zine and compilation. That is what is great about Aldora, there is a diverse collection of great independent music to be found and discovered from around the world.

Hugo labattut has travelled the world taking inspiration from the beautiful sites and the people he has met along his travels. He has turned those encounters into a labour of love album called Uncle Joe. He has perfected his craft by busking in the streets of Europe and the rest of the world. He formed the international band in Istanbul in 2012 since they have received a huge following globally. Hugo’s is a talented French Singer- songwriter, musician and composer with musicians joining Hugo from Turkey, Italy, America making the album an international flavour. The album is an essence of Joy with Hugo’s ethereal sounding voice. Each track transports you to a different place emotionally and takes you on a journey to the places he has visited. The album Contains a New Orleans jazz sound combined with international blues, strong lyrics, distinctive tone and with a syncopated rhythmic sound throughout.

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