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My good friend Darren Tuck has a much anticipated new release on the horizon which will be his most major release since his album “All The Good Good People” back in November 2021. He takes time out of recording in his home studio in Felixstowe to tell us all about it and what he’s been upto in recent months. Darren has been a personal good friend over the last few years and it’s always great to catch up with him and to discuss music.

Darren’s Introduction
Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mods Of Your Generation for the support and continuous encouragement towards my music and my personal life. The support and advice they have given me over the years has been blooming fantastic. They have been behind me all the way and again one of the first to contact me asking about what’s new. As some of you might be aware the last 12 months has been full of massive highs and some colossal lows leaving me in some of my darkest days. I had new material written last year for a new album to be released this year but unfortunately I decided I couldn’t go back to them because of the memories they brought back to me. To all the people that have been there for me I truly can not express my gratitude to you. You kind words of support have been amazing. Thank you each and everyone who took the time to call, text or message me. Peace & love to you all. DT

You have a new EP out soon. Tell us about it and what can we expect?

Hi everyone yes it is very true I have a new EP being released on June 1st on CD & digital platforms. The EP is the first release in almost two years ( the last being “All The Good Good People”). As many of you that have got to know me over the years I wear my heart on my sleeve which seems to have caused a stir in the past when it comes to my song writing. This particular project is know different. It has been written as a labour of love and hate but mostly with sadness. Most of the material has been written in the last two months after the sudden loss of my father. The songs are raw and emotional and I believe I put it all out there. There has definitely been a change in my musical direction during this period and the songs show this. Some more up tempo and even a change of instruments & arrangements. I went out of my comfort zone to share my feelings with lyrics the blend of instruments for the listener to feel what I felt. It’s not morbid nor is it dreary it’s just my story. It was written with a heavy heart. I personally think it’s the best stuff I have ever written but I will leave that judgment up to you the listeners. The entire EP was written, recorded & produced at my home in Felixstowe. I take pleasure in saying I played all the instruments just like the Modified album (2019) but with more finesse & direction.

Give us an insight to the tracks and lyrics?

Track 1 – Why
It is my typical punk/ new mod track. It is a driving song with some what can only be described as dark lyrics. It has a wonderful guitar riff which again is typical of what I do. Basically it’s written about my late dad. I don’t really want to explain what it all means but the lyrics speak for themselves. “You left and you didn’t say goodbye, all you left was tears and pain”

Track 2 – It’s Not Right
This is a orchestral arrangement. It’s the slowest tempo tune on the EP. It contains a wonderful melody hidden in the back. It’s a powerful message to those who think moving forward isn’t possible. I’m telling you it is. Some lyrics had to be changed at the last moment for the tune to make some sense. “She thinks she got what she wanted as they light my flame to my pyre”

Track 3 – Shine on
With a wonderful lick and melodic riff. Another typical bouncy track with a dark & sad story. For all those that has had a loss in their lives. If you play this while driving be aware the hypnotic feel could get you a speeding ticket. So very easy to get lost in this story. Also a nod to someone we all new so well that we lost last year. I just hope if they looking down he will give me the nod of appreciation. Shine on my crazy friend.

Track 4 – Tonight
Piano , acoustic guitar. Organ, bass,
This track was originally written about trying to make someone see us. It’s kind of about being ignored in so many different aspects. Another nice riff sitting through the tune on the piano with a wonderfully sounding acoustic. “When being ignored the thoughts go through my head like a never ending tinnitus. Fight or flight, Nothings working now, I feel I’m gonna drown, I’m not getting where I wish to be”.

Track 5 – Isn’t it a pity (original demo 2021)
This was my dads favourite track of all. I put this demo on because of its relevance to the EP and the fact that literally only a handful of people have ever here’d it in its original format. I’m going out on limb with this and honouring it to all those that been hurt, let down, cheated on or simply just been crushed by others. “Isn’t it a pity how we hurt each other along the way”

Track 6 – Mods Of Your Generation Song (Bonus track only available on cd)
I wrote this as a gift to Mods Of Your Generation in 2020 for all the support they have given me. It was never released and I was never happy with the recording. Mods Of Your Generation gave me the idea of putting it on the EP which I was very excited about. So a complete overhaul, re-recording and mastered and it’s been added. The song is literally written about the new mod culture for the mod scene. This is a bonus track and it will only appear on the cd. No downloads or streaming available on this one.

Is this release different from previous releases?

This is a tricky one to answer. I want to say yes because it’s much different in the way the songs have been written and formatted. The musicianship is of higher quality and it has more poignant lyrics. Slightly more sophisticated but still that punk new mod indie vibe. So it’s typical of me with a twist however the listener can make up there own mind. If people was to listen to all 3 albums head to head I think they would agree all 3 are different in many different ways. I will let you all be the judge on it but either way I’m proud of it.

Tell us about your live performance from a few months ago at the Holroyd Pub in Guildford?

What can I say about it?
It was with a band called The Social Grammar Project which consists of half of the Theme but make no bones about it, It was brilliant. To start, I couldn’t thank the band enough for there support & recognition in me. They made me feel at home & comfortable with the their encouragement. Top lads to say the least. To say I was excited was an understatement. When I was asked to do the gig I was proud and chuffed to bits. I thought I played rather well up on that massive stage all alone as a solo act. I started of slightly shaky but soon got into the swing of things and to see some people singing along to me & my tunes brought a slight tears of enjoyment and happiness. It was one I will never forget. I drove over 300 miles and stayed in a hotel for 2 nights and get this. I was so excited I forgot to collect my earnings for the gig. To this day I still have no idea if I was to collect it or not but it didn’t matter I was happy to do it.

You raised money by releasing a charity Christmas single on download. Tell us about the people you worked with and the charity?

Yes I did this as a release in November 2021 to raise money for Ipswich children’s hospital to give them a slightly better stay in hospital during the Christmas period. I had this Christmas song called “Have yourself a merry Christmas “ written by myself & my daughter Molly. I decided to invite everyone to put there bit on it wether it was vocals or instruments. ( no experience or ability necessary) and I was inundated by offers from people all around the world. Basically I sent them a demo with a set of lyrics and they done whatever they wanted and recorded it on phones or studios or anything they could record on. They sent it back to me and I worked on it in my studio by cleaning it up and placing it together. It was an epic adventure with all my waking time to put it all together. Over 300 bits of audio to make up one song & if I’m allowed to say it come out fantastic. I was very proud of each and everyone who put there bit on it. People of all ages contributed from a child aged 3 to someone aged 79 years young. Go take a listen of it, you hear the three year old sing along. “Simply beautiful”

Why was it important for you to do such a wonderful thing for charity?

Well I get asked why I do so much charity work and my answer is always pretty much the same.
I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family with a roof over my head. I often think about others at Christmas time and to think about all the children stuck in hospital with there parents worried sick about them. So I thought if I could do a tiny gesture to put a smile on at least one child’s face by donating a small gift then that is exactly what I was going to do. Once I said I wanted to do it I had many people onboard doing so much for the cause and everyone involved just wanted to contribute in some way. Life is too short not to be able to share some kindness and love occasionally.

Do you have anything coming up other than the release of your new EP?

well as a matter of fact the last few weeks I have got myself together and been making it known I’m ready to do more gigs with my new material. I’m happy to do an acoustic set or a electric set, I just want to get out gigging. So I’m hoping to secure a few gigs and do some support gigs in the coming months. This is something I have been working on doing, so if anyone including bands or promoters would like me to fill in anywhere please give me a shout. As you are already aware I don’t mind travelling around a bit.. ha ha. I’m going to put together at least two online gigs this year and I’m hoping Mods Of Your Generation would be one of them to link to?

Finally thank you to anyone that has followed my music and supported me. Thank you for all the encouragement. Peace and love to you all. DT

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