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George Rowlands is a 28 year old singer song-writer from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. He picked up the guitar at a young age and began writing his own music after being influenced and inspired by Oasis and the Brit Pop era of 90’s. His Musical tastes are much more widespread than that though and and this is highlighted by the sounds & layers to his new EP Shine On. He has over 2500 subscribers on YouTube, this is a testament to his talent. The EP has everything I love with plenty of hooks, and catchy lyrics. If your a fan of British rock, Brit Pop or just wanna listen to some incredibly good music then this is the EP you need to buy.

Continue reading to find out more about George and his Music. We are proud to feature him in an interview.

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Tell me about your first musical memories growing up and some of the music that inspires your song writing ?

The first proper music memory I have is a pretty cool one. I was about 9 I think, I remember my Dad flicking through the music channels and Live Forever came on by Oasis and being mesmerised by Liam sitting on that chair high up on the wall in the video. Skip forward a couple years and I got bought an electric guitar for my 12th birthday, was just a cheap Yamaha one but I was well chuffed with it, I’ve never looked back since then, been obsessed with playing and writing music ever since. The band that influenced me the most is Oasis, they are the ones who got me properly in to music, the first album I ever bought out of my own money was their 2002 album “Heathen Chemistry”. I think you’ll hear a lot of similarities and nods to Oasis in my EP. Other bands that have inspired me are The Beatles, The Stones Roses, The Verve, The Charlatans and The Who to name a few.

Tell me about your New  E.P “Shine On” which is due to be released soon and some of the people you have worked with to produce it?

The EP has 5 songs on it which are all pretty different in sound, I thought that was important as I wanted to showcase what different styles I could do. There are a couple of rockers on it, a couple ballads and a more upbeat number so there’s something for everyone! I worked on the EP with a lad called Ian Currie who I actually met through YouTube, I saw a couple of videos by him and loved the way he produced his music so I contacted him and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made, it’s been a joy to work with him and think he’s got the EP sounding massive, I’m sure you’ll all agree once you hear it. He is in a band called Pretty Cartel who are great, definitely worth checking out.


It’s always interesting to get a song writers perspective on why they wrote  a particular lyric or piece of music. Tell me about each track on your debut  E.P?

“Nightmare” the opener is a song I’ve had knocking about for a couple of years now, it was always going to be the first track when I decided to make an EP, proper dirty rock n roll. It’s about tackling a problem or “Nightmare” head on if you find yourself in a bad situation.

The second song on the album called “Love At First Sight” is an upbeat pop song pretty much, the chorus really reminds me of The Coral and there’s even some horns chucked in! I forgot I even wrote this song until I was going through some old recordings on my phone, so could have never seen the light of day. One of my personal favourites.

Track 3, “Safety Gown”, was written only a couple of months a go and it only took me about 30 minutes to complete from start to finish, one of them ones where it all fell in to place straight away, a songwriters dream! Love a ballad and thought this tune fitted very well with the other songs on the EP.

“Danger Zone” is the latest song I’ve written so it’s the newest song on the EP. It nearly didn’t make the cut as it was originally only going to be a 4 song EP but thought it needed another rocker so I chucked this one in at the last minute. A couple people who have already heard the EP seem to rate this one as their favourite so glad I included it now. The start is very Oasis, think Lyla or Turn Up The Sun once it kicks in. This one would go down well at a gig!

“Shine On” was always going to be the closer, when you hear the outro I think you’ll understand why, choir, strings, the lot got chucked at it. Think it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever done. It’s about the afterlife, I’m not religious but it’s always a topic which has fascinated me. It can be a pretty depressing topic but the message in the song is an uplifting one. “We ain’t at the credits, this shows just on pause, one thing is for certain you’ll walk through them doors and shine on” is probably my favourite lyric from one of my own songs.


As well as an original artist you also perform in a cover band named “Oas-is” how did this one come about?

I’ve been in a couple tribute bands, the first one were a band called Noasis who were great, I was with them for just over a year and decided to take a break from it for a bit. Then I saw Oas-is needed someone to be the Liam after their one had left and I couldn’t resist, I missed doing it and Oas-is are one of the leading tribute Oasis bands out there so it was a great opportunity. It’s been amazing, I’ve played some iconic venues infront of thousands of people. Not a bad job going out on stage and pretending to be your hero is it? Hopefully we can get back out there soon but who knows with the way things are at the moment.



You have a successful following on your YouTube channel with over 2500 subscribers. What was the goal and reasons behind  starting  the channel?

I wasn’t expecting to get 100 subscribers when I first created my channel, never mind 2500! It’s mad. The goal was just to upload a couple covers and hope someone liked them at the start but it quickly became apparent that there was a big demand for Oasis/Liam/Noel covers which is mainly what my subscribers want to see and I quickly grew. Got a few videos with over 20,000 views, the most popular having over 50,000, mental! After I got a bit of a following I uploaded a few original songs to see how people would react and the response was amazing, they are the ones really who have pushed me to make this EP so I’m very appreciative of them.


What would you inspire to achieve in the music industry?

I just want to keep making music, keep growing as an artist, and see where it takes me. The people who have heard my original stuff seem to really enjoy it so I just want to keep releasing good tunes and hopefully more and more people get on board and we’ll see where it takes me I suppose!


Do you have a message for potential fans and for those who have continually supported you?

Would just proper love it if people gave it a listen, appreciate people taking the time and giving it a chance. If you’re a big fan of that 90’s sound then I think there might be something here for you for sure! As for the people who have supported me, all I can say is thank you, it means a hell of a lot to me. I created my YouTube over 3 years a go now and there’s people who commented on my very first video who are still around today, it’s amazing. This EP is for you guys.

Do you have any future plans after this EP?

I have loads of songs stockpiled so the plan is to just keep releasing music. I think I’m going to be releasing a standalone single at Christmas called “December” so look out for that one. After that I think it’ll be another EP or potentially a full on album, we’ll see how this EP goes first and I’ll decide then but it’s all very exciting and I’m buzzing to get more songs out there!

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