Interview with Springtide Cavalry

Springtide Cavalry are a 3 piece indie/rock band hailing from Kent, featuring Kevin Iverson Jnr (vocals/Guitar) Andy Hucksted (Drums) and Chris Weeks (bass), the band have been performing and recording on and off since 2005. You can listen to their old & recent original material on most streaming platforms. I discovered the band on The Glory Mod Radio Show and was intrigued to find out more about them.

Tell us a brief history about the band and how you first started?

The line up really come together when Andy Hucksted (Drums) joined me & Chris Weeks (original and present bassist) around 2006. We then had a line up change when Sean Hardy (Bass/Guitar) joined in 2008. The band have recorded & gigged on & off since then.

What Does Your Band Name Mean?

A drummer friend of ours who played with the band before Andy joined came up with the name, To be honest there’s no deep meaning behind it, they are just words we liked and put together. I often believe that the band make the name rather than the other way around.

Kevin & Andy, tell us about your time touring as part of PH2?

It’s was a great learning curve for all band members, it’s always nice travelling to different places, meeting new people into music etc. Also we found a new favourite venue in The Waterloo, Blackpool!

Supporting ‘From The Jam’ was cool, and to headline the legendary 100 Club London was a dream come true!

Do you feel like your time working with Jeff Shadbolt & Bob Manton helped you develop as a musician and songwriter?

It was definitely a welcomed challenge taking Bobs songs and putting drums, guitars to them, trying to take The Purple Hearts legacy with respect, obviously PH2 was a different band, I gave it my best and that’s all I could do. It’s down to the fans wether or not a succeeded I guess

It was also very cool Bob giving me lyrics to 1974 for me to then write the music & melody to.

Who Are Your Biggest Influences past & present?

I was 12/13yo in 1995 so Britpop was my generations ‘movement’ I guess you could say, so… Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis were the main bands, but I also love Mod culture, clothes & music, and then I love a lot of heavier music, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Motörhead. Blues Rock, Some Folk, Disco, 50s Rock’n’Roll, Basically I LOVE music, generally anything with a Guitar, Bass & Drums.

Melody or lyrics first, What’s Your Songwriting Process?

Always melody first, music & melody come quite easy… lyrics are not my thing, generally hard work for me personally, but I eventually get there, unfortunately I’m no Paul Weller though !

Tell us about the inspiration and meaning behind your track “Getting Away with it now”?

Our old Bass/Guitar player wrote the main chunk of the lyrics to that, I wrote the chorus. It was to do with being young, going out, trying to pull the ladies & just getting away with being cool I guess.

You have released digital downloads, When can we expect a physical music library?

That’s a hard question for us in 2021/22, obviously it used to be CDs, however I believe people would rather download our music rather than spend money on a CD?

We would LOVE to release our music new & old on Vinyl, what with it being so popular now, so we may look into that for 2022!?

What’s can we expect from the band in the new year?

First we’ll be getting in gigs to get the wheels turning again and then hopefully working on new material… we will be playing a mixture of venues playing original material plus covers, we are taking one step at a time. The main goal is to put out new music and gig. So we hope to see a lot of people in 2022 and hopefully ‘Springtide Cavalry’ will be a name people will get to know !!!

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