Interview with The Credits

The Credits consist of two brothers who grew up Worthing, West Sussex and are regularly compared to Rock ‘n’ Roll stars Noel & Liam Gallagher. They were inspired to form a band by punk, new wave & mod revival bands of the 70’s & 80’s. Also later becoming massive Brit Pop fans and followed bands such as of Oasis, Blur & The Stone Roses.

Initially a cover band playing well know tracks from the The Jam, The Kinks, and The Who they have continued to evolve writing & producing their own material. Steve T Standing the eldest of the brother duo is the songwriter of the group while his younger brother John Standing plays the keyboard.
The songwriting stands out with a few nods to Quadrophneia with tracks like ‘What Jimmy Said’ & ‘Gods Invisible Scooter’ from their new album ‘It’s Where You’re At’ and ‘London’s Calling’ from their E.P ‘Standing In The Shadows’.

The brothers are huge football fans which is another dynamic that makes them resemble The Gallagher’s and even released a song to support England in the 2014 World cup called ‘For England’. Which got a lot of coverage on radio and in the Worthing Herald newspaper as well as 7,083 hits on YouTube to date.

I have had many discussions with Steve T Standing during a short period of time about music and his interests and the passion he has shines through as the brothers continue to develop the bands sound and produce more songs. I wish the Standing brothers all the best in the future and hope that the band will go onto to do great things.

Where can people buy or download your music?

Steve– you can buy the credits music via our website or personally from me by my Facebook page, I am going to be setting up a digital download of the credits music soon

As brothers performing in band together, Do you both get on well or can you be like the Gallaghers?

Steve– we do get on with each other, or though there can be, at times, artistical difference ha ha, but I think that adds to the bands visual and musical dynamic.

John– We are just two typical brothers who predominantly get on most of the time, but we do have our moments and differences when it’s comes to our music. So therefore, it can get a little bit heated between us when things aren’t going right.

Who are your musical inspirations and favourite bands or artists?

Steve– my musical inspirations are quite varied, the usual are of course, are The Who, the jam and oasis, but I like most styles of music, ranging from 50’s rock and roll to electronic pop.

John– My inspirations are somewhat different to my Brother Steve, but we do like the same music such as bands like oasis, Paul Weller, The Jam, etc. My personal bands I like is psychedelic furs, Depeche mode, and many more

The Credits formed in 2008, who’s idea was it to form the band?

Steve– the credits were formed in 2008 by myself, initially as a covers band, consisting of 5 members, but due to not getting it off the ground, I decided to make the band an original act

Who writes all your original material and do you perform any covers?

Steve– I write all the material for the credits, but john has a musical input with melodies for the songs, we do perform covers, ranging from various mod, new wave and indie artists , the small faces , XTC , madness , squeeze , to name a few

Where do you find inspiration for your music & lyrics?

Steve– I find the inspiration for my music and lyrics , the music from a wide range of musical styles , my lyrical content form such subjects as love , politics , and the area I grew up in , making the listener get an insight into the kind of people me and my brother are , and the environment we came from.

John– Steve T Standing writes most of The Credits songs with input from myself with the keyboards. I find inspiration from my brother and from all kinds of music I’ve listened to over four decades.

Your Both massive football fans. What is your favourite football team?

Steve– I support Manchester united and have done since 1976, as well as being a big fan of the England national team

John– We are both massive football fans and my two favourite teams are Southampton and of England
You wrote various songs to support England during the World Cup in 2014. One was played on BBC Sussex.

How did that feel and why did you write the songs?

Steve– I wrote a football song for the 2014 world cup , called ” For England ” I penned the song in late summer 2013 drawing inspiration from the lightning seeds hit ” Three Lions ” I loved that song by them , but I wanted to put my own stamp on a song in that vibe , that would capture the English football fans attention, john wrote the catchy brass solo getting a live brass section in to record it in the studio , it was a really proud moment to see For England get a radio play on BBC radio Sussex.

John– We’ve always wanted to write a football anthem and try to do something different because we felt it was such a long time since any band wrote a football song that done our team justice. I.E the lighting seeds with baddie and Skinner.

One Of you play the Keyboard & the other the Guitar. Did you start playing these instruments growing up?

Steve– my brother john ” Sherb ” plays the keyboard , and has done for over 20 years now , he was in his mid to late 20’s , myself I play guitar and bass , starting on the bass back in 1984 , when I was just 20 , picking up the guitar around 2008

John– Yes, my brother started on the bass guitar and a few years later I started to learn keyboards and piano as I wanted to be part of the scene. My brother also took acoustic and electric guitar before the credits formed.

Where do you hope to take the band and what’s your next step?

Steve– I hope to take the band all the way to commercial success, it has always been, primarily my intention to do that, but whatever happens to the credits music is up I believe great songs and a lot of luck

John– We hope to take the credits to a higher level in the music industry as we feel we have the songs to achieve the accolade we both deserve as we’ve been involved in music all our lives

What message would you like to give new and old followers and fans of The Credits?

Steve– I’d like to send a message and a point of view that connects to a musical audience of all ages, that we are a band to be reckoned with, that has a relevance in the modern music scene

John– Please listen to our music and support us as much as you can as we have fantastic songs that deserve to be out there and listened to by all ages.

Where is the band based and where do you both grow up?

Steve– the band are based and from Worthing, a sunny seaside town, on the south coast of England

John– The credits are based in Worthing West Sussex where we both grew up in a council house on the Maybridge estate.

How would you describe your song writing and music and who would you say it’s similar too?

Steve– I would say that what I write, and the credits songs and sound, has a lot of originality to it , with musical references ranging from mod , punk , new wave and indie music , i.e. the who , the jam and oasis and the lightning seeds to name a few

John– Our song writing is influenced by our upbringing where it was very tough growing up on a council estate where crime was high, and life was either good or bad. I guess it’s very important to us to write music about that. I would say our music echoes bands like the who, the jam and oasis.

How would you describe the band’s sound and image?

Steve– I would say that the credits are an indie band, with a modern new wave sound , and a modern style look

John– Our sound is very original with an element of various bands sounds and arrangements integrated into our music. So, for example you can hear the lighting seeds, oasis, Paul Weller and the who all in one song.

Are you working on any new music at the moment and what can fans look forward to in the future from you and the band?

Steve– I am writing new songs all the time, and the fans can look forward to a more fuller indie sound with a rock punch in the near future , I am really looking forward to seeing how that sound progresses and what are audience will think of it.

John– My brother who is the song writer is always writing new material. So, the fans can hopefully one day look forward to the new Gallagher brothers but of course it will be the standing brothers. Rock and roll.

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