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“ Scrolling through Facebook and come across a video of a young lad singing and playing the guitar and sounding great performing some Beatles tracks. I had to find out more so went to his Facebook page and spent hours listening to him perform. I immediately needed to find out more about this young man. I then got in touch with his father who was more than happy to share his sons story and how he started performing. I was truly impressed with his story and had to interview him to find out more. Logan has auditioned for “Britain’s got Talent” and I wish him all the best. He has already made one dream come true and I am confident he can achieve anything. I’m sure this young boy will go from strength to strength and take his talents from boy to manhood. I am sure you will be blown away by his incredible talent as much as I was. Make sure to check him out on Facebook and YouTube.”

Mods Of Your Generation – Interview – The Beatles Boy

How did someone so young become such a big fan of The Beatles?

Well my dad owns a motorbike business and we were delivering a bike down the country and I found this CD, I said to my dad “Who’s these people here” my dad replied “They are The Beatles and the biggest band in the world”. “I didn’t believe him at first, so I put the CD in, and they just blew me away. “It was just amazing to hear such great music & lyrics”.

Logan you have not been playing the guitar long however you are already highly talented. What inspired you to take up the instrument?

“I used to sing to backing tracks at first, but I wanted to be like The Beatles and play live, so I knew I needed to learn how to play the guitar.”

“A Beatles tribute band in Benidorm called inspired me also. We were on a family holiday in Benidorm, every night I went to watch this band they were brilliant and just like The Beatles. Inspired by them that’s when I started learning to play the guitar properly. Since then I’ve got to know the guys well. They got me up to play with them in Benidorm in at the talk of town club for my 13th birthday. I’ve just been to meet them in the Cavern a few weeks ago”

Photo (c) The Beatles Boy 2019

You recently auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent how did you find the experience like?

“I did recently audition for Britain’s got talent. I got through to the producer audition stage and done some filming. It was a really good experience in front of the cameras. I need to wait until February to find out if I get through. It would be amazing to go further in the competition. However, if I don’t it’s not a problem, I just love doing what I am doing and will continue to do so”

The Beatles boy – The Beatles – Your Gonna Loose That Girl

It was your dream to perform at the iconic Cavern Club. A dream which came true. Tell me about how it all came to be a reality?

Yes, my dream did come true, performing in The Cavern Club was awesome. I was busking in Liverpool (it was the first time I’d ever busked) I had pestered my mam and dad to take me to Liverpool for many years. I had a great day busking and got a great response from the public. My parents took me to the Cavern to watch some acts. When we arrived, there was a man singing Beatles tunes on stage. He was fantastic and sounded great. When he had finished singing my parents told him about my dream. He went away and then came back and said. “I’m going to make your dream come true” (we didn’t know at the time that this guy was Jon Keats director of music for the Cavern and he’s in the Beatles week hall of fame). He asked us to come back the next day at 2pm were I performed with his brother Nick Robinson. I dressed in my Paul McCartney Sgt Pepper’s suit. I just got on the stage and just imagined being a Beatle. It was fab!! “I played a 20-minute set and enjoyed every moment.” I have been lucky to be asked back again and will be performing on the 7th December 2019. “I really can’t wait. I’m doing a mix of songs this time some Beatles and some of my other favourite artists who have also performed at the cavern over the years.”

“I can’t thank Jon Keats and nick Robinson from the Cavern enough for what they have done to help me”

Photo (c) The Beatles Boy 2019

The Beatles Boy – Beatles Medley. Church Street, Liverpool. 5th October 2019.

What would you like to achieve next and what is the next big dream?

“My big dream is to play to bigger crowds. I just buzz off people interacting with me. If they’re getting into it, I go harder at it and try new things on the guitar or go for higher notes. I just love entertaining people. I used to do little gigs in the house to my parents’ friends maybe 20 or 30 people singing to backing tracks. I did a David Bowie night, a Freddie mercury night and of course a Beatles night. My parents got me the costumes made so I looked the part ha-ha. I love playing pubs and clubs and I don’t really get nervous. It would be awesome to play to bigger audiences. One thing I’d love to do is play at the Cavern club during international Beatles week. I think that’s one of the best things a Beatles tribute act could achieve.

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What is your favourite Beatles Track to perform?

My 2 favourite Beatles songs to play are eight days a week and one after 909

The Beatles – A Hard Days Night – The Beatles Boy

Paul McCartney is your hero, can you tell me why that is?

Paul McCartney is my hero I love all The Beatles, but he is just my favourite. His voice is awesome he can sing rock and soft and he is just so cool. He just seems like a kind person. I went to see him play in Glasgow last December. It was the best concert I’ve ever seen. He nearly did 3 hours nonstop. He played a song that he wrote for john called “here today” it brought tears to my eyes. I’d love to go and see him again in concert. My big dream is to one day meet Paul McCartney. I don’t know what I’d say I’d probably just freeze or give him a cuddle lol.

You also write many of your own material which is highly impressive at a young age. Where do you find inspiration for music & lyrics?

I’ve written a couple of songs of my own. One is called “date nigh” and the other is called “stay strong” it’s about a guy going to war and leaving his wife behind and writing to her. I wrote it for remembrance Sunday. I don’t play that one in my set though, but I do play date night it seems to go down well. Sometimes I don’t say it’s my song. I just sing it and by the second chorus everyone is singing date night ha-ha it’s a catchy song. I’m halfway through writing another song. I don’t really like sad songs and just write upbeat stuff.

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Do you perform covers of any other artists, and can you name a few of your other favourite bands?

“I do covers of The Who, The Spencer Davis group, Elton john, Elvis, The Temptations, Roy Orbison and even Bon Jovi. I like lots of different stuff but mainly 60s stuff. If I hear a song and like it, I just learn it. I usually put my own spin on it and make it faster.”

The Spencer Davis Group – Keep On Running – The Beatles Boy

What advice would you give other people your age thinking about learning to play an instrument or following their dreams?

“I would say to anyone my age if there wanting to learn an instrument or sing just do it. Once I could sing 3 songs all the way through, I started going to open mic nights in our local pub called Henry’s in Workington. After a bit they were so impressed with my performances they started letting me sing in the intervals when they had a band on. Usually around 20 mins. Then they asked me to come and do a full set.”

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What can people expect if they invite you to perform at their venue or gig?

“I never look at words or music it’s all in my head I always think its cheating when you see acts looking at an iPad etc 😅. I have to say a big thank you to Paul and Pam from Henry’s for giving me a chance. Now I do quite a few pubs and clubs and get invited back again and again. I do quite a lot of charity events to and get lots of nice messages and comments on my Facebook page from people all over the world. You just never know who’s watching and hope that my hero Paul McCartney likes what I am doing”

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