Interview with The Grey Skys

The grey skys are a three piece band from Winsford, Cheshire and are steadily becoming masters of three minute power pop tunes. Alan May from The Glory Boy Mod Radio describes the band as the a modern day Beatles.

The band formed following a conversation with Dave (Guitarist) and Tony (Singer/Bass) about music of their youth which re-ignited a musical collaboration dating back two and a half decades. The band is build on passion for what they do and it shows in the music produced to date. Their music is layered with inspiration from 60s Soul & R&B and notable influences can be heard from the Mod revival. I am a relatively new fan of the band but I’m already hooked and it’s a honour to be hosting them at my event in Stoke-On-Trent. It’s an exciting time to become a fan as the band are set to release new music in May. There music is a must have in any collection. Continue reading to find out more about the them

The band formed in 2015 but tell us the story behind the formation?

The band came together following a chance meeting at a gig between myself ( Tony Murray-bass ) and Dave Miller (guitar). The two of us go way back and we were in a band together in the early nineties. The conversation turned to music and it turned out Dave was at a loose end musically. I’d been writing new material and was looking to form a band so I asked him if he’d be interested and The Grey Skys were born. Shortly after that Alex joined us as our drummer.

Who Are Your Biggest Influences as individuals and as a band?

Mixed bag really. Tony: The Beatles. Dave: The Cramps. Alex. Led Zeppelin.

What’s the inspiration behind the bands name?

It’s from Everton football clubs fanzine called “Skys Are Grey” plus most of our songs are are about heartache and being let down, a bit like being an Everton supporter, nice one Johnny we really appreciate this.

Tells us about some of the venues and clubs that you have performed at?

The venues we play tend to be small and tucked away in the backstreets of city centres in Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke and anywhere else we can get them. The March of the mods gigs tend to be bigger and better organised. We’ve done a few of these gigs including Blackpool, Liverpool and Stoke.

Lyrics or melody first, What’s Your Songwriting Process?

Most of the songs were started with a bass structure and then a vocal melody placed over it. The guitar and drums were added and then we’d play the hell out of it. The lyrics tend to develop during this process. So for us it’s the melody first.

If you were to compare your sound and style to another band past or present who would it be?

Hard to say really. I suppose in our songs there’s an element of all the stuff we’ve enjoyed listening to growing up. From sixties R&B and Mod scene to seventies punk and mod revival scene.

The bands Second Album (A Double Album) The Box’ is due for release in May. Tell us about a couple of the songs and the inspiration behind them?

The Box is about how we consume most if not all of our information from television and computers and as such we can be easily controlled and manipulated. It looks at how people embrace the box while having no conception that they are being programmed. Spirits is about loneliness and the need for company.

We are looking forward to your performance at our event (MOTM Stoke-On-Trent). What can we expect?

Energy, commitment and honesty, Warts and all.
Tickets HERE

Do you have a message for your supporters and the radio stations etc that have supported the band since it beginnings?

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us at the gigs and on the radio and also through facebook and Soundcloud. In particular Alan May of Glory Boy Mod radio has aired us many times and created a lot of interest around the band.

What’s next for the band and what do you hope the future holds?

We’ve got the Essex summer mod all-dayer and Blam Blam Fever in Redcar coming up. We’re not really looking for gigs at the moment because we’re looking for a new drummer. Hopefully get that sorted and get out there.

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