Man At Q And M – New Band Discovery

Man At Q And M formed at the start of the pandemic during lockdown, three musicians coming from different successful backgrounds. The band combine a well known DJ bringing his percussion and clips from the decks and a guitarist from an iconic Welsh band. Throw on vocals and Man At Q And M have a unique set up rarely seen on stage. They perform original tunes that are a mixture of alternative blues and garage punk. Already possessing a decent catalogue of recordings, radio play and gigs under the belt, they look forward to progress further.

In a former life Mark was a founding member and guitarist of a charismatic Welsh band. This band that graced many a festival stage and supported the likes of Dr Feelgood, Toyah, Slade and Mike Peters. After securing a three single project with a London label the band quickly succumbed to in-fighting. Mark, sick of traditional band conventional setups decided to try something different and it’s definitely something to get your ears around.

“I had a mate Steve who I used to knock around with. We both had a similar taste in music, clothes and alcohol! Steve had seen me play on several occasions and liked what I did but couldn’t get his head around what the musicians I played with did! So I asked him to hop on board and try something unusual.” Says Mark

Steve is a renowned club DJ Known for those Voodoo nights in Liverpool and elsewhere in the UK and Europe. The idea is to combine DJ decks and electronic percussion to raw guitar and vocals. Something a bit avant garde, The band all live in the Welsh town of Llanrwst in North Wales but hope to spread their performances across the UK.

Andy is a singer songwriter more accustomed to live acoustic work. “We knew we could mould him and burn that guitar!” He now fronts the line up, plays an electric guitar and is involved in the songwriting process.

So there we have Man At Q And M. A modernist approach to their music and image combined with guitar and vocal vitriol! We have no doubt you’ll be hearing more from them in the near future.

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