Reviving the Mod Scene: Makin Time and Their Timeless Sound.

Reviving the Mod Scene: Makin Time and Their Timeless Sound


The Beginning Of Makin Time

In the mid-1980s, a British mod revival band emerged, capturing the essence of the mod culture with their energetic performances and infectious tunes. Makin Time, composed of Fay Hallam, Martin Blunt, Neil Clitheroe, and Mark McGounden, brought a fresh and vibrant sound to the music scene. With their unique blend of Hammond organ, bass, drums, and guitar, Makin Time revived the mod spirit and left an indelible mark on the music and the modernist landscape. .

The  Mod Revival:

Makin Time emerged during the mod revival of the 1980s, a movement that sought to revive the fashion, music, and lifestyle of the original mod subculture of the 1960s. The band’s members were deeply influenced by the likes of The Who, The Small Faces, and The Jam, and they successfully channeled that energy into their own music.

Energetic Performances:

One of the defining characteristics of Makin Time was their electrifying live performances. Fay Hallam’s soulful vocals, accompanied by the pulsating rhythm section of Blunt and Clitheroe, created an irresistible groove that had audiences dancing and singing along. McGounden’s guitar work added a touch of raw energy, completing the band’s dynamic sound.

Timeless Tunes:

Makin Time’s music was a perfect blend of mod, soul, and rock influences. Their songs were catchy, melodic, and filled with infectious hooks that stayed with you long after the record stopped spinning. Tracks like “Here Is My Number” and “Honey” showcased their ability to craft memorable tunes that captured the essence of the mod revival.

Fay Hallam’s Soulful Voice:

Fay Hallam’s soulful and powerful vocals were a standout feature of Makin Time’s sound. Her voice effortlessly conveyed the emotions and energy of the songs, adding depth and authenticity to the band’s music. Hallam’s talent as a vocalist brought a unique dimension to Makin Time’s sound, setting them apart from other mod revival bands of the era.

 Legacy and Influence:

Although Makin Time’s time together was relatively short-lived, their impact on the mod revival scene was significant. Their music inspired a new generation of mod enthusiasts and helped keep the spirit of the subculture alive. Moreover, the band’s members went on to contribute to other successful musical projects, further cementing their influence on the music industry.

The Essence of Mod:

Makin Time’s contribution to the mid-1980s mod revival cannot be overstated. With their energetic performances, timeless tunes, and Fay Hallam’s soulful vocals, they captured the essence of the mod culture and left an indelible mark on the music landscape. Their music continues to resonate with mod enthusiasts and serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of the subculture. If you’re a fan of mod music or simply appreciate energetic and soulful tunes, Makin Time is a band worth exploring.


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