Sharp Class New Single ‘Move’ Review

,Sharp class formerly known as Subculture, despite the name change the release of their new single ‘Move’ due to be released on all major streaming platforms from 31st July has the same hard hitting punk attitude, Mod infused 60’s power pop and energetic soulful sounds that puts them in a class of their own.

,Sharp Class from the beginning have released one great record after the other, Signed to ,Heavy Soul Records in 2018 the band have released 4 singles with 8 songs in total making an impact which is only to be described as remarkable. The band continue to thrive saying ‘The future is our aim’. With a new name and new single, ,Sharp Class have the future firmly in their grasp as their new single ‘Move’ is certainly a track that will propel them into the future and attract more fans to an already thriving fan base. ‘You won’t get know where if you don’t get up and move’ is a lyric from the song. That is exactly what the Nottingham trio have done with a 2-year span seeing them perform at over 300 gigs across the UK.

We interviewed them back in August 2019 and predicted they were ones to keep an eye out for and that statement is still relevant now.

With a sharp look, youthful energetic punk attitude and all the layers of the British mod sound combined with colourful 60s power pop. ,Sharp Class have added another great track to their armoury, with another hard-hitting song that will leave you wanting more.

The B side ‘Ready to move‘ is just as worthy of being the A Side, its full of the colourful and energetic sound we all know and love from the band. They have never released a band song with class and dedication in everything they do and it shows in the music they produce.

‘Let’s hope we see an album from them soon’.

Let’s hope we see an album from them soon.

NEW Single ‘Move’ Available on all major streaming platforms from Friday 31st July 2020

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