Ste Milly Interview – “I Won’t Go There”

The following interview was conducted by Chris Matthews

So Ste, I’m just gonna jump straight into it and ask you about your debut single, where did it come from? And how has the reception been to it?


My first single was actually something i wrote a couple of years ago.I started writing it after hearing the phrase ‘Breaking the ice’ I just wrote down the first line and the rest just kind of came easy.

I never knew what it was going to be about,but I think it’s pretty obvious when you hear it now.

As for the reception,I was totally gobsmacked,it’s such an amazing feeling to have people actually listen and enjoy something that i created myself.

What first got you into music? Who inspired you or still inspires you?


I think having two older brothers helped me get into music.Between them they had a lot variety in bands they listened to ranging from The Sex pistols to Japan.But the band that first made me fall in love with music was The Housemartins,it wasn’t just the songs by them that I loved,it was also the way they looked,like 4 normal lads with no silly clothes or haircuts like I had seen before them.

They definitely inspired me along with my favourite band The Stone Roses.I could sit here all day writing all the bands that have inspired me,but I’d have to mention Oasis and The Verve amongst many others,the 90’s is definitely the era that I am mostly inspired by.


What is your creative process like? Do you tend to spend a certain amount of time each day or each week and try to write the next greatest song ever or do you just wait for it to come to you and write it as it happens?


I’m always making notes of things I see or hear,wether it be something funny or something serious.

I find the writing lyrics thing pretty easy,unfortunately I think my guitar skills hold me back on writing the music,but that will only get better in time.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?


That would definitely be Ian Brown.


Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least ?


I have only been gigging around 3 years from local pubs and clubs to private parties.

I’d have to say my favourite was the Engine Shed in Wetherby where I supported some of Britain’s finest Oasis,Stone Roses And Smiths tribute bands.

I don’t have a least favourite,it they are willing to book me then I’m happy.

If you could choose one venue in the world to play to a sell out crowd where would it be? And why?


I probably wouldn’t go silly and have a stadium.It would be something like The Apollo in Manchester.

Simply because it always feels like a top atmosphere and it’s the first place i watched The Roses.


Do you feel the internet/social media has helped you in your music career to get where you are now?


Without the social media platform I probably wouldn’t still be doing what I do.

At the moment I have nearly 4,000 followers on my Facebook page and their support just continues to blow me away and makes me want to just keep going.

What is your favourite song to perform?

My favourite cover to perform is Sally Cinnamon,but I love performing my first single ‘I won’t go there’ as well.



Who would you say you looked up to musically?

I definitely looked up to The Housemartins,The Stone Roses And Oasis.If it wasn’t for Oasis I don’t think I’d have even bought a guitar.

Have you ever been recognized in public whilst just out in the local supermarket or walking your dog? If so, what was that like the first time?


A bit surreal? I’m not sure if you already know the answer to this question,but it was actually your good self and your pal at a Richard Ashcroft gig.I remember feeling slightly embarrassed,but very proud at the same time.I was recently recognised in a supermarket,but she thought I was fucking Sam Dingle from emmerdale.


What is the best advice you’ve been given?


The best advice was probably to just keep practicing and never worry about any negative comments that come my way.If you love doing something,that’s all that matters.

If you could change anything about the industry, what it would be?


I’ve not really been a part of the industry as such,but it would be nice to see the younger up and coming bands to get a bit more exposure. Maybe a venue in every city or even town where they could perform and that way we might not let slip some serious talent,because I’m pretty sure that is what is happening now.

What’s next for you? Do you have any plans for the next single? Any upcoming shows planned?


The next single has been written,I just need to get it recorded and mixed and get it out there,fingers crossed it has a similar reaction to my first.As far as gigs are concerned I have a few private parties booked for 2021,The covid 19 thing as ruined my gigs this year and hopefully things will just get better now.

finally do you have a message for your fans out there?


I don’t really like the word ‘Fans’ it makes me cringe a bit,but if that’s what we have to call them I honestly can’t thank them enough,it has been amazing adventure up until now and I genuinely mean that without them I’m not sure I’d be sat here answering these questions.

I would like to mention my biggest fan though and that is my wife Aimee,her support,patience etc has been amazing.

Also thanks to you Chris for my first ever interview,it’s been a pleasure answering your questions.



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