Stinger – an illustrated children’s book inspired by Quadrophenia

Stinger The Book Review 

The story follows Stinger on his quest to London in search of his musical heroes “The Whoof” and “The Cool Faces”. “Stinger” is a delightful and unique children’s book that will charm readers of all ages. Co-created by Tina Freeman and Nicky Weller, this illustrated book draws inspiration from the classic rock opera Quadrophenia by The Who, following the lovable Bell Bee, Stinger, on a thrilling adventure from Brighton to London.


The story begins with Stinger enjoying life in Brighton with his scooter Jess, but he dreams of meeting his musical idols, “The Whoof” and “The Cool Faces,” in London. With determination in his heart, he sets off on an adventure that takes him through various locations, introducing him to an array of fascinating characters.
© 2023 TinaWho/Tina Freeman
Throughout the book, the writing is full of clever puns and wordplays that will engage young readers. The story is also dotted with references to The Who and their music, making it an enjoyable read for adults who are fans of the band.


The illustrations in “Stinger” are truly breathtaking, featuring intricate and vivid drawings that seem to bring the characters and locations to life in a magical way. Tina Freeman has done an outstanding job of capturing the essence of Quadrophenia, skillfully weaving in numerous nods and references to the classic album and the swinging 1960’s that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of fans of all ages. Her illustrations are simply impressive, featuring rich and vibrant drawings that perfectly convey the spirit and energy of Quadrophenia, with subtle nods to the mod subculture and themes of the beloved film.


The writing in “Stinger” is charming and imaginative, with a playful tone that will appeal to young readers. The story is filled with memorable characters and vivid descriptions of the various locations Stinger visits on his journey, from the bustling streets of London to the serene beaches of Brighton. Children will be captivated by Stinger’s journey and root for him as he faces challenges along the way.


What makes “Stinger” even more special was the time of its release which coincided with Quadrophenia’s 40th anniversary, making it a must-have collectible for fans of the film. The softback edition and collectible special edition hardback are both beautifully designed, with eye-catching covers and high-quality paper that will stand the test of time.


Overall, “Stinger” is a delightful book that readers of all ages will treasure. With its engaging story, stunning illustrations, and connections to a beloved classic and timeless film, “Stinger” is a true gem that belongs on every bookshelf.
© 2023 TinaWho/Tina Freeman
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