Tales from The Foxes of Foxham – Book Review

Another Phenomenal book from Matteo Sedazzari teaching the importance of understanding our values and differences and in the case of the book the differences between foxes and humans, however it also points out our similarities. A lesson on understanding, empathy, inclusion and expectance.

Every chapter has a message such as standing up for what you believe in, fighting for your rights, inclusion, recognising diversity and our differences strengths and weaknesses. It also highlights overcoming adversity, friendship and the terrible realities of war but also touches on positivity, looking to better times, wishes and dreams,

A magical adventure story, packed with colourful characters and exciting situations, in a battle of good versus evil. Everything you’d expect or hope to read about in a fantasy novel filled with inspirational characters facing real life challenges that educate, inspire and captivate readers of all ages.

Tales from The Foxes of Foxham has taken inspiration from many classic children’s novels filled with adventures and triumph. However it stands on a pedestal of its own when it comes to creativity. The storyline itself is Unique and author Matteo Sedazzari’s storytelling really brings the characters to life. Illustrator Andy Catling has perfectly accompanied the story telling with his illustrations and you picture the characters looking just like they are portrayed from reading about them.

My son and I really enjoyed this book and we highly recommend it not just as a stocking filler but the perfect gift this Christmas for adults and children of all ages.

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