The beginning of The Good’s Gone – So Far So Good

Well, here we are…. we made it through 2020 and we’ve come out the other side. Ok things aren’t any better yet but we haven’t given up because we’re made of stronger stuff than that.

Hello to you – the reader, and thank-you to Mods Of Your Generation for asking me to write something about my musical journey for this fantastic blog which I hope is a great success!

My name is Ryan Sams, I’m 28-years old and I’m a singer-songwriter born in Sydney, Australia (I moved to England aged 9). My musical journey began in the womb really, but it wasn’t until I was 10-years old that I decided I wanted to actually learn to play an instrument. I chose the drums and quickly joined a band with my older brother and some of his mates. Over the next 17 years I played for numerous originals bands in my local area (Sittingbourne) and had a good time, but I started to realise that the songwriting standard of the bands that I was playing drums in just wasn’t good enough. Arrogantly I thought that I could do a better job and so in 2019 I decided to form my first band as a singer-songwriter/rhythm guitarist. I had met Jake Blake (bass player/keyboardist/backing vocalist/also songwriter for The Good’s Gone) at a gig at The Lighthouse in Deal in early 2019 and I liked how his first and second names rhymed with ‘cake’ so I thought COME ON! It didn’t take us long to find more recruits.


We took our name from one of my favourite songs by The Who and quickly got to work; recording, rehearsing and before long playing our first gig – supporting Rudy Warman & The Heavy Weather at Ramsgate Music Hall on Saturday 1st June 2019. It was an interesting gig for a few reasons; it was sold out, but also our drummer at the time had to pull out due to her ear exploding (or something like that) so I ended up playing a bass drum and hi-hat with my feet on the night!

I met Rudy, Zen and Shane from the Heavy Weather at Canterbury college when I was 16. Since then I’ve seen them go from strength to strength. They’ve always done it the proper way – mostly through busking, and it was through busking in London one day that they ended up being spotted by Kula Shaker’s manager and consequently supported Kula Shaker on their ‘K’ 25th anniversary tour a few years back which is an incredible achievement for a grassroots band with no manager or industry backing of any kind.

The Good’s Gone perform zero covers in our set despite numerous “agents” suggesting that we do so. Our attitude is that if your originals are incredible then an audience won’t request cover songs. Thus far we haven’t been proved wrong.

We released our first EP on December 26th for which we organised an EP launch at the Lighthouse in Deal on January 18th, our first gig and last gig of 2020! We had a dep lead guitarist and a dep drummer for the EP launch as both our lead guitarist and our drummer had left by then due to commitment issues/wearing sandals on stage – you can check them out on Seaside Sessions (YouTube channel).



I managed to get into a local studio in 2020 and recorded three acoustic tracks for the imaginatively titled ‘Acoustic’ EP which we released on September 24th. I won’t lie, Covid stopped us dead in our tracks. When the first lockdown happened we relealised that 2020 was probably going to be a total write-off. Apart from the odd studio session here and there we really haven’t been up to much. Livestreaming never appealed to us so there really wasn’t a lot left for us.



It’s now 2021 and with no clear end in sight we are making plans to release a new single with an accompanying lyric video. The song in question is a Bond-theme style tune called ‘Hurricane.’ It’s a special track for Jake and I as it was the very first thing we worked on together. I put the track to one side for ages as it was missing something and I couldn’t figure out what that was something was until very recently. Our drummer Mark is currently mixing the track and we’re very excited about it as we believe it’s the best thing we’ve done to date and I personally think it’s the best Bond theme so far this century – again I know that sounds arrogant but that’s my opinion. It’s certainly better than Madonna’s one, it’s better than Billie Eilish’s one, better than Sam Smith’s one by a country mile, and it’s better than Adele’s one etc. etc.

Anyway, I guess that’s all there is to say for now – until we play live gigs again, so thank-you for reading and thank-you to everyone who has listened and most importantly bought our music. If you would like to check out our tunes then you can do so on Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon music, iTunes, YouTube or preferably BandCamp where we’ve put some extra bonus material for the real music fans who still buy music and support proper bands like The Good’s Gone.


Ryan Sams

Below is all the bands music links and socials so you can go and check them out.

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