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The Lightscopes are an Indie, BritPop, Rock & Roll band from Essex, formed in 2015 and influenced by bands such as Oasis, The Who, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Wolf Alice and The Enemy to name a few. They have been together for relativity a short time in the musical world however they have already gained a large following. The release of their two singles have definitely put them on the map and are ones to keep an eye one. They are currently working on new material and we are very much looking forward to hearing more from them. It was great to feature them in an interview to find out more and we wish them all the best.

When was the band formed and tell me a little but about each of you?

The Lightscopes are a four piece band who formed in 2015 based in Essex. We have a Drummer Aaron Palmer, Bassist Dean Sales, Guitarist Scott Forsyth and Singer Tom McCarthy / his nickname Macca. The band was formed by our Guitarist Scott from the ashes of a previous band of his. There has been a few line-up changes but we have now found our solid lineup with the four of us with Aaron and Dean being recent additions and bringing everything to the table.

Where does the name The Lightscopes come from?

We got the name after originally wanting to be called the kaleidoscopes but there were literally hundreds of bands with this name. We decided we really liked the word Light but again couldn’t just have this on it’s own so we decided to take the word Light and combine it with the second part of kaleidoscope and hence The Lightscopes was born! There is still a little nod to our original band name idea within our logo with the shapes and colours used.

Tell me about some of your musical influences & those who influence & inspire you.

We are influenced by bands such as Oasis, The Who, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Wolf Alice and The Enemy to name a few. This is because these are the bands that we listen to the most and identify with due to what they write about and the great raw instrumentation in their songs so these influences definitely come out in our own music which is a blend of indie/Britpop/mod/rock.

You have released two singles “In My Head” and “Weekend Offender” tell me about them and what we can look forward to in the future.

We released our first single In My Head in late 2018. This was a song that has always been a live fan favourite so had to be our debut. Written about a person being hounded and harassed by the world and the people around him, showing his struggles to keep himself sane when he cannot maintain a private life.

Weekend Offender our second single was released in 2019 after the success and feedback we had from In My Head. This song was written about working the normal 9 to 5 day jobs and just living for the weekend to escape it all and feel free.

For the future we plan to release our first ep (hopefully mid 2020) which will feature our two singles and 3 other brand-new tracks as we don’t feel an album is necessary just yet!

Have you any future gigs or charity events coming up?

We currently have gigs booked for 2020 with us kicking off the year at The Lighthouse in Deal on Saturday 18th January which will be our first outing to Kent so looking forward to that. The following two dates are both in March and these are for the brilliant March Of The Mods gigs in support of the amazing Teenage cancer trust charity. The first one is on Saturday 14th March at The Essex Arms in Brentwood not only is this is gig for a great cause but also a home coming one for us as well.

The second date is on Saturday the 21st March and this is at the Holroyd Arms in Guildford. Again, really looking forward to this one and will be another first for us playing Guildford. If you’re coming to either of these to see us please be sure to donate generously to this great Charity.

Our final gig booked at the moment (we are in the process of booking more) will be in May but at the moment we cannot give any more details about this one so stay tuned to our social media for an announcement for this and all other upcoming gig announcements plus details of all gigs booked and ticket links.

What do you enjoy most about being musicians?

We really enjoy the writing songs and performing and there is no better feeling than someone telling you they enjoy what you’re doing.

What would the band like to achieve in the music industry?

We would like to just have people enjoy our tunes and have people wanting to come to the gigs and watch us perform. That is all we are looking to achieve anything else would be a bonus for us.

What makes The Lightscopes stand out to other bands?

The fact that we have a unique sound, we always try to help other bands out and have alot of time for people who come to see us or buy our music or merch. Heck we might even buy them a beer!

What can people expect from The Lightscopes gig?

A very up close and personal experience with great energy and ballsy tunes.

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