Interview with The Son Of Prince Buster – The Legacy Continues

Prince Busters musical influence can be felt worldwide, he shaped the course of Jamaican contemporary music. His legacy will continue to be drawn upon for generations to come. During the UK ska revival in the late 1970s which stemmed from Coventry’s 2-Tone label introduced Prince Busters music to a new generation of listeners. In 1979 the band Madness released their first single on 2-Tone, a tribute to Prince Buster called “The Prince”. The B-side was a cover of the Prince Busters song “Madness” from which they took their name.

Prince Buster produced greats such as Toots and the Maytals and he paved the way for international reggae, becoming known as the originator of SKA worldwide. He inspired greats like The Selector, The Beat, The Specials and of course Madness.

His son Sultan Ali, born in Kingston, Jamaica has been performing since the late eighties, on a mission to continue his fathers legacy since his death in 2016. Claiming to be the rightful heir to his fathers throne, he performed at “Skamouth” in 2017 and was the first ska artist to perform in a Chinese city when he took to the stage at Hong Kong’s Clockenflap Music & Arts Festival in 2014.

Sultan has performed across the United States and most notably alongside his father in 2001 at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in California. He has shared the stage alongside Lester “Ska” Sterling and The Skatalites at Los Globus Night club in Los Angeles 2014 and again at Dub Club in 2015.

Although he covers the majority of his fathers music he has also self-produced original material such as Beautiful Angel and Love, Kindness, Joy and Happiness.

I was approached a few years ago by his son Sultan Ali who requested an interview to help promote his music and provide a platform to announce a few truths about his birthright and the unfortunate circumstances around his fathers death. I was unaware at the time of the family dispute as a result of Prince Busters death. It became apparent after several late night and often heated conversations with sultan that he was angry and frustrated about the use of his father music since his death and felt robbed of his birthright.

Sultan Ali mentions many notable people by name and refers to others as Jezebels as well as claiming the unauthorised use of his fathers music by a well known fast food restaurant. It can now be read below however due to the being respectful of those mentioned by Sultan Ali I have removed their personal details to protect there confidentiality. Mods Of Your Generation would like to informs readers that the views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the interview below are solely that of Sultan Muhammad Ali. They are in NO way affiliated with the publisher, owner or anyone else associated with Mods Of Your Generation.

Below is an alleged statement of truth from Sultan Ali which is followed by an Interview.

They are unscrupulous beings that has been exploiting OUR birthright and/or legacy. My father was hijacked by 2 (two) JEZEBELS with one of them claiming her sons are children of Muhammad Yusuf Ali / Prince Buster, QUESTIONABLE DUBIETY OF PATERNITY.

It has been 3 (three) years since the demise of my father, Prince Buster and medical
records and causation of his death among other things.
kept a secret NON DISCLOSURE.

My father, Prince Buster was victim of HOUSE ARREST subjected THREAT, DURESS AND COERCION.

Prince Buster and Prince Buster Music, Inc. now operated and/or managed by a total strange vampire (NON FAMILY MEMBER) Prince Buster Music, Inc. authorised the use of the song “Madness” by Prince Buster for use in the $16m budget film, release date March 13, 2019 ; July 12, 2019 (United States). A UK restaurant TV Ad used Prince Buster’s Ska classic song “Madness”to promote, Dates: February 2017- May 2017, February 2018 – May 2018


A Japanese record label used my fathers music and has re-issued numerous of Prince Buster’s productions 45 RPM singles: “All My Loving”
“Cast Your Faith To The Wind” “You Don’t Know” “Suspicion” “Broken Heart” “My Future
Lies Ahead” “To Be Your Lover” “Giving You A Try Girl” “Red Eye Girl” “Blue Is Blue”
“Love Each Other” and the album entitled “Let Go The Dance” Rock Steady Selection.

The validity of licensing agreement to date is QUESTIONABLE
a London law firm and their Senior Partners Administrator of Prince Buster Music catalogue repeatedly deny my demand to any and all information and/or documents pursuant to accounting and successor transfer.


“And Judgement Is Turned Away Backward And Justice Standeth Afar Off For Truth Is
Fallen In The Streets And Equity Cannot Enter”

Sultan Ali #SonofPrinceBuster #DannyBuster #TheSultanofSKA

Defender and Advocate for Birthright and/or Legacy


WorldBuster Music
P. O. Box88835
Los Angeles, California 90009

Interview Below

Growing up as the son of the legendary Prince Buster what are your fondest childhood memories and what is it like being the son of such and inspirational ska originator?

Too numerous to mention; accompanying my father to his recording sessions at the respective studios, witnessing him writing creating melodies, composing, singing songs
and directing productions. Imparting wisdom from father to son, critical thinking. Active roll participating in family business; sales, account receivable, pressing the records,
sorting appropriate labels, bank deposits and jukebox management. Fun family vacations, A great sense of consciousness, knowing who are from within and not looking to the status quo narrative to define you.

My father, Muhammad Yusuf Ali globally known as Prince Buster O.D. Jamaica’s pride ambassador, Ska originator and 1st (first) superstar as a result of being the biological son, I’m a beneficiary of the irresistible and hypnotic sounds of the genre called Ska and the best song ever “DANNY, DANE & LORRAINE” written, sang and produced by my father the late Prince Buster O.D.

What sort of music or other artists did your father listen to and what was the first record he introduced to you?

My father was a connoisseur of music beyond genres, an extraordinary appetite and taste for music, the arts culture, religion, historical and world events. List of artist and/or group: Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Jesse Belvin, James Brown, Nat King Cole, Otis Redding, Brook Benton, Sammy Davis Jr, Fats Domino, Chuck Jackson, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, The Platters, The Ink Spots, The Drifters and The Impressions just to name a few. Too many, I remember him playing Herbie Mann, Eddie Floyd.

Your father was a visionary changed the face of Jamaican music. Tell us about how this happened?

As a boy growing up in Western Kingston he was influenced by the American Boogie-Woogie Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, and Gospel. He tried to garner a visa by entering the Farm Workers Program to work on the farm in the USA, however this unsuccessful attempt to leave the little island was the catalyst that spark the creation of Ska.Disappointment lead to creativity, meeting with the master drummer, Arkland Parks known popularly as Drumbago, Jah Jerry on guitar and Stanley Notice on saxophone and as a result the national sound Ska was created ascending Jamaica to the world stage. Ska was Jamaica’s first international music genre and it took the world by storm including the United Kingdom in the early 60’s.

Your father was an originator of the music and inspired many bands and artist. Tell us about that?

My father’s music has reached bands and artists all around the world; Bad Manners, The Selecter, The Specials, Orange Street, Buster Shuffle, No Doubt, The Red Stripes and Madness just to name a few.

How did your father’s legendary music career get started?

His career got started while attending school, gathering his neighbourhood friend to the street corner to play and sing. He also performed with a dance

What’s next for you and what do you wish to achieve in the future?

Completion of recording material, releasing new music, performing around the world, defending my legacy as I’M THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE THRONE!

Your father was obviously a huge inspiration in your life and your childhood. Are there any other artists or individuals have inspired you?

Yes indeed, to many to name, I’m influenced by all the greats that preceded me;Prince Buster O.D., Sam Cooke, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, I covered his Motown classic
song “Pride and Joy”

Tell us about your original song Beautiful Angel and the meaning and inspiration behind the lyrics.

BEAUTIFUL ANGEL” the song that came to me when I moved to Los Angeles, California. I was inspired after playing and thinking about the word angel’s. I’m conscious of celestial body, cosmic force and universal law. That song was given to me by a higher power, the medium and/or channel by which the song was expressed.

What is your favourite song written and performed by your father and why?

“Danny, Dane & Lorraine” self evident, The song was written by father pursuant to his original family namely:
-Blossom Campbell > my mother> 1st (first) wife
– Donald Campbell > Danny
– Donovan Campbell > Dane
– Lorraine Campbell > Lorraine
 Prince Busters 1st Family

Tell us about your first visit to the UK and what it was like performing at skamouth 2017.

It was a wonderful experience, my father has loyal fans in the UK and it was evident as result of the welcoming and the reception that my siblings and I received. My performance was well accepted by the loyal fans of my father.

Tell us about your father’s relationship with Mohammad Ali?

What a man, my hero the greatest Muhammad Ali, my father met him while on tour in the the UK, he was schedule to fight Henry Cooper. He inspired my father and as they say the rest is history.

What would you say was the father’s greatest achievement in life?

Emitting that sperm fusing with my mother’s egg to create Donald Leroy Campbell
(Danny) > Sultan Muhammad Ali to carry on his legacy.

Have you performed alongside any other artists?

The legendary Lester “Ska” Sterling O.D. of the original Skatalites, legendary Charlie “Organaire” Cameron, Sly and Robbie, Stranger Cole, Derrick Morgan, Eric “Monty” Morris,
Mykal Rose, The Cables, The Clarendonians, Keith and Tex, Doreen Shaffer, Eugene Grey,Carl McDonald, Neville Staple, Winston Francis, Prince Buster O.D. and Hugh Roy.

Do you have anything you would like fans to know about you, your life or your father and what can we look forward to from you in the future?

I say a BIG SKA-reeting’s and SKA-thanks to all the fans of my father fans for their loyal support throughout the decades and look to the future seeking your support as well? The Most High willing for the future new music and live performance around the world. Sultan Ali #SonofPrinceBuster #DannyBuster #TheSultanofSKA!

Once again Mods Of Your Generation would like to inform readers that the views, thoughts and opinions expressed above are solely those of Sultan Muhammad Ali. They are in NO way affiliated with the publisher of Mods Of Your Generation.

Images,logos and answers by Sultan Ali – Danny Buster

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