The Story of Gatch Rivett Airbrushin

The Story of Gatch Rivett Airbrushin

In 1983 a TV documentary named “Style Wars” made it on our screens and it was quickly followed by a book named “subway Art”. Both were about New York city’s emerging subway graffiti subculture. It was street art for street kids, colourful, visual aerosol art on the sides of creaking old subway trains. It woke something inside of me and I became fascinated with the concept of free expression through art. It was art on the move rather than static like I had see in galleries and elsewhere before. This was the beginning of my passion for painting onto Scooters, they were my trains. The airbrush became my medium of choice, Doing My own designs and never copying. To me it’s all about personal style and how an artist views surroundings. Also the urban backdrop of New York City in the 70s/80s ignited my passion for documenting our own vanishing urban culture.

“Andy Warhol, Without Him todays megabuck street art culture would not exist”

Very little of our 70s/80s childhood remains and today’s modern narrative means the mainstream media is happy to forget. The rebellion, the asking of questions, the taking of risks and the fighting spirit are all now fading away in a new social media based sterilised world. I would like to keep this spirit alive through my influences and those great decades, they are definitely one of the best times to come of age. I am also influenced by New York City Based artist Andy Warhol, without him todays megabucks street art culture would not exist, like he once said “Always leave the audience wanting more.

“Commercial entities want to jump on the bandwagon”

I think because graffiti and street artist are seen as edgy unpredictable artistic outlaws means most modern commercial entities want to jump on the bandwagon to try to give their image and credibility boost. My artwork has personally been featured in over 100 magazines, music sets, theatre backdrops and book covers. Most recently have painted a scooter for a film soon to be released “This Way Of Life”. The volume of my artwork is vast which lead to me bringing out my own book called “50 Shades Of Gatch”. It was hugely successful and I am currently working on book two “50 Shades More Toxic”. I am proud of everything I have achieved especially as I have never advertised or claimed to be a professional. More projects in the pipeline to come and I am always looking to take on any challenge so stay tuned or get in touch.

“The Show must go on”

Gatch Rivett Airbrushin

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