The Unsettling Brilliance of “I Hate Psykobilly Vol 1”

I can’t get enough of this album! I just received this physical copy today, thanks to Phil Sorrell for sending it over in the post. I want to give a huge shoutout to Bill Newton for his mind-blowing alter ego, Psykobilly, and both Isabelle and Phil Sorrell for their  incredible work on this new album, “I Hate Psykobilly Vol 1.”

Brace yourself, because it’s a wild ride that’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s both unsettling and strangely soothing at the same time. But if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore something truly unique, this is a must-listen. Don’t let your love for mod music hold you back. Give it a chance and prepare to be amazed! I urge everyone to grab a copy.

The album is a perfect blend of punk rock, rockabilly, and a dash of horror punk. It’s a genre-bending masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. The lyrics are raw, real, and relatable, and the music is just as powerful. It’s a testament to Newton’s talent as a songwriter and a musician alongside the genius and talent of Phil Sorrell’s as a producer.

The first track, “Lose Yourself,” sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s a high-energy, foot-stomping anthem that will get your heart racing. The second track, “F.U.N. (16th Century Prophet Blues),” is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that showcases Isabelle Sorrel’s vocal ability and the wonderful storytelling ability of Bill Newton, aka Psykobilly.

It’s not just the music that makes this album stand out; the artwork was put together as a collaborative effort between Psykobilly and Phil Sorrell. They used an old photo of a discarded doll that they found online. The image, eerie and abandoned, perfectly encapsulates the essence of Psykobilly. It’s a fitting representation of the music – raw, real, and a little bit unsettling. It’s just another reason why “I Hate Psykobilly Vol 1” is such a standout album.

“I Hate Psykobilly Vol 1” is a bold and daring album that pushes the boundaries of music. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of cookie-cutter pop songs. So, if you’re looking for something different, something that challenges the status quo, this is the album for you. I hope Psykobilly continues to astound us with his uniquely blended fusion of genres and music. I am eagerly anticipating “I Hate Psykobilly Vol 2”!



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