The Vintage Girl – Laura Dickson – Breakfast At Tiffanys Boutique

The Vintage Girl – Laura Dickson – Breakfast At Tiffanys Boutique

The Vintage Girl – Laura Dickson has been crafting, making and designing beautiful 1960s/70s handbags, GoGo dresses, head bands, mini skirts and dresses along with many other fantastic products. Laura’s business launched in march 2018 and her designs have featured in many popular magazines. They are also now sold in a shop in Harbour Street, Whitstable. The majority of her items are made using original vintage fabrics to keep them looking very Authentic. You can Find out more information by going to her Facebook page – Breakfast at Tiffanys Boutique or by using the links below-

“Mods Of your Generation” loved Laura’s products so much we asked her if she would like to do an interview to help promote her business and her wonderful hand crafted items.

How did you learn how to make the wonderful hand made dresses, Designer Bags & skirts?

I first got into Dressmaking when i watched a TV program called Thelma’s Gypsy Girls in 2012 it was about the famous dressmaker Thelma Madine and how she makes her beautiful big wedding gowns for the gypsy community. The next thing I knew i had enrolled myself on a dressmaking collage course which took me about 7 months to learn how to cut patterns and make beautiful clothing and simple alterations.

When did you get into 1960’s fashion and why?

I started off making 1950’s wiggle dresses and then my passion grew for the sixties clothing in 2016 and i started to watch the 60’s series of heartbeat and the royal everyday on ITV3 i then decided to go for it and make my first 60’s A line dress and then i was hooked and my wardrobe started over flowing with my handmade creations.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration for all my designs comes from watching old black and white 60’s films and also 1960’s books and a lot of research on the internet.

Who is your favourite 60’s Fashion models ?

My all time favourite sixties fashion model it Twiggy & Jean Shrimpton.

Music & Fashion very much come together. What type of music do you listen to?

I love my sixties music and often listen to the who and the kinks when I am sewing.

Do you design & make clothing for woman of all shapes & sizes?

At breakfast at Tiffany’s boutique I am to make clothing for all shapes and sizes. I do make plus sizes as well and i also can make from designs sent in. I have now also started selling original vintage 50s/60s/70s dresses and shoes bags ect and i do love wearing original vintage as well and love to find out the history behind the labels. My items I create are very unique not your everyday on the high street look… i wear my own wardrobe out everywhere and always get lovely comments on my style. I have been featured in many sewing magazines and chat magazines about my retro quirky style and makes.

What can people expect from the items you design & sell compared to other items they can buy elsewhere?

I like to create things that are quirky & fun and my items always have my Laura Dickson Labels inside. You will always get the highest standard of quality from my boutique!

You have attended various Mod Weekenders in Brighton. Will you be attending this year?

I will be at Brighton this August for the sixties mod weekend on my stall and i’m very happy to say I am working along side a lovely man called Royston Edwards who was in the 1979 film Quadrophenia…he is very well known for his union jack scooter which remains in the same condition now as it was back then when it was used in the film and I am looking forward to working with him on various events this summer.

Is there anything you would like potential customers to know and what new items are you designing that people may be interested in.

If you would like to look through my clothing please find my shop on called Sixties Boutique. Or find my boutique page on Facebook called Breakfast at Tiffanys Boutique.

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