Aim High: Paul Weller in photographs 1978-2015 Review

Aim High: Paul Weller in photographs 1978-2015 Review


Introducing Aim High, a groundbreaking release by Tom Sheehan in 2017, showcasing his remarkable photographic journey alongside music legends. For the first time ever, Sheehan presents a captivating compilation of his work with the iconic Paul Weller. This extraordinary collection unveils a treasure trove of unseen images, offering a mesmerising visual odyssey through the evolution of Weller’s career, spanning from his days with The Jam, to The Style Council, and his illustrious solo years.

“Aim High: Paul Weller by Photography’s 1978-2015” by Tom Sheehan is an exceptional collection that captures the essence and evolution of one of the most influential musicians of our time. This book is a visual journey through Paul Weller’s career, showcasing his iconic style and the various stages of his musical journey.

Each photograph has undergone meticulous scanning and expert retouching, ensuring that the images radiate their true brilliance. The result is a Deluxe book that surpasses all expectations, meticulously crafted to the highest specifications. Aim High not only celebrates the extraordinary talent of Tom Sheehan but also pays homage to the indelible mark left by Paul Weller on the music industry.

Sheehan’s photography is nothing short of breathtaking. Each image is carefully composed, capturing the raw energy and passion that Weller exudes on stage. From the early days of The Jam and The Style Council to his solo career, Sheehan’s lens beautifully captures the essence of Weller’s performances and charisma.

What sets this book apart is the way it chronicles Weller’s growth as an artist. Sheehan’s photographs not only capture the live performances but also the intimate moments behind the scenes. We get a glimpse into Weller’s creative process, his interactions with bandmates, and the dedication he puts into his craft. It is a testament to Sheehan’s skill as a photographer that he is able to capture these candid moments with such authenticity.

One minor drawback of the book is that it focuses primarily on Weller’s live performances, leaving out some of the other aspects of his career, such as album covers or promotional shoots. However, this is a minor gripe considering the wealth of stunning live shots that are included.

Overall, “Aim High: Paul Weller by Photography’s 1978-2015” is a must-have for any fan of Paul Weller or photography enthusiasts. Sheehan’s ability to capture the essence of Weller’s performances is truly remarkable, and the book serves as a visual testament to the enduring legacy of this iconic musician.

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Aim High: Paul Weller in photographs 1978-2015


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