Caretaker Studios: A Haven for Independent Artists

Caretaker Studios: A Haven for Independent Artists


“Celebrating Caretaker Studios: Phil Sorrell’s Impact on Independent Music”

At Mods Of Your Generation, we are passionate about supporting independent, grassroots music. Throughout the years, we have personally experienced the incredible support provided by Caretaker Studios, a sanctuary for artists seeking a nurturing environment to bring their musical visions to life. Today, we want to express our deep gratitude for their unwavering efforts, particularly from the visionary behind it all, Phil Sorrell. Phil’s dedication and assistance have been truly remarkable, not only for our website but for countless artists and bands. Caretaker Studios has served as a beacon of hope, guiding independent artists towards success.

Phil Sorrell’s journey in the music world began humbly with a violin, where he fearlessly defied convention by playing with the bow in the wrong direction. This audacious act foreshadowed the remarkable talent that would flourish over the next four decades. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and mastery, Phil taught himself various instruments, including the guitar, bass, and keys, during his teenage years. His undeniable talent soon caught the attention of the London music scene in the 80s, where he founded and played in several bands.

“The Clash’s Last Lineup: A Summer at 100 Blackstock Road”

One particularly fascinating story involves The Clash in their last lineup when they block booked the studio Phil worked at named ‘100 Blackstock Road,’ in Finsbury Park for an entire summer. He mentioned that in those early days, he used to steal strings out of their flight case because he couldn’t afford to buy them. In a moment of connection with history, Phil once played the famous white P-bass of Paul Simonon during a rehearsal. Beyond music, and in a touching gesture the iconic frontman of The Clash, got Phil to unlock the studio for a night. Phil tells me that Joe spent the whole night composing a mantra with the kid’s name on a four-track recorder. Joe did the mantra because he wanted to try and wake the kid up because he was in a coma and it was to trying and break him out of it. These are the moments that define the importance of music.

From Busker to Caretaker: Phil’s Journey in Studio Recording”

Throughout the 90s, Phil’s expertise expanded further as he immersed himself in the world of studio recording. Armed with an 8-track analog setup, he honed his craft by recording both himself and other artists. Phil’s undeniable talent even led him to a successful stint as a busker in Amsterdam, where his music deeply resonated with audiences. After returning to London and starting a family, Phil’s passion for production and arrangement was reignited in 2014, giving birth to the remarkable Caretaker Studios. This studio became a sanctuary for artists seeking a nurturing environment to bring their musical visions to life.

Izzy Sorrell: Elevating Music at Caretaker Studios”

One integral part of the Caretaker Studios sound is Izzy Sorrell, a remarkable vocalist and Phil’s daughter. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Popular Music, Izzy’s expertise in backing vocals, performance, production, and teaching has elevated. countless tracks to new heights. Her contributions to the studio’s success cannot be overstated.

“Preserving the Legacy of Caretaker Studios: A Hopeful Farewell and a New Beginning”

As we reflect on the incredible support Caretaker Studios has provided to independent artists, we can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness knowing that this chapter is coming to an end. However, we sincerely hope that Phil will consider repackaging this invaluable platform as a promotional hub, which we would be happy to assist with. It would be a shame to see all the hard work and dedication Phil has poured into building and promoting Caretaker Studios and supporting independent artists go to waste. However, we recognise that Phil must do what’s best for him, and whatever endeavours he decides to take on next, we wish him the utmost success.

“Farewell Caretaker Studios: Welcome the birth of Rock Garden Productions”

One such endeavour Phil mentioned to us is his new venture, ‘Rock Garden Productions.’ Phil plans to carry on creating music with people he loves and trusts, including Bill Newton (Psykobilly), John Donegan, Darren Tuck, and ALNA. He’s even venturing into the world of film scoring, working on Dana Berry’s new horror movie ‘The Little Curse.’ So, it’s clear that Phil is not stopping at all; he’s merely shifting gears. Phil has encountered numerous health challenges in recent years, and unfortunately, during these difficult times, those he considered friends betrayed his trust. The experience has led him to evolve and continue his musical journey under a new banner, ‘Rock Garden Productions.’

In closing, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Phil Sorrell and the entire Caretaker Studios team for their unwavering support and commitment to the music community. Your dedication has not only helped shape the careers of countless artists but has also left an indelible mark on many others. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope to see the spirit of Caretaker Studios live on in a new and exciting form such as ‘Rock Garden Productions’. If not, and whatever path you choose, all your hard work will not be forgotten. Take care, mate, and keep making music that moves the soul.

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