Interview with The Laynes & Review of their NEW Album – “Come on Board With The laynes”

A fast-paced, foot-tapping album, Come On Board with The Laynes. Behind the catchy melodic fusion of psychedelia, beat and 60’s Garage that drives the album, each track contains figurative and expressive lyrics, from beginning to end they entice you to come on board and listen over and over. One that stands out for me is “It’s not the first time” and it won’t be the last time its played. Each track stands alone but collectively complement each other. Its obvious the band are heavily influenced by the 60’s particularly bands like The Beatles, Small faces and the Who. However there is definitely a punk and mod revival element to their sound too. The band have been busy releasing a new single and album as well as setting up their own record label. There seems to be know limits to what the band can achieve. The band hope to be gigging soon so they can share their original material with you all while welcoming you on board to come see them live.

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When did the band first form and tell us a little about the history of the band?

The Laynes were first formed in July 2006. We all knew we had a love of 60’s music and all things mod. That would be the sound that we would be going for. To try and write, play and record music we enjoyed and hopefully others would want to hear and enjoy too.

The band’s first album’s ‘it’s for you’ was released in 2010 on two cat records along with our first single ‘we got time.’

The band line up

The band line up

Stephen Henry – Drums,

Kevin McGachy – Lead Vocals/Guitar,

Baxter McKellar – Bass,

Derek Clark – Lead Guitar.

What other bands or artists past or present influence your music and song writing

As we all have a love of 60s music and that has been a big influence in just about everything about The Laynes. Our main influences include The Action, Small Faces, The Who, The Nazz, The Beatles and the list goes on and when you listen to our songs i’m sure these influences will become apparent.

You have supported various big names in the music industry. Tell me about some of them and what it was like to share a stage with them?

Yes we have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the mod scene, our first support gig was with The Jamm and later on we supported From The Jam (Official Band Page) with Bruce Foxton, a name we all will recognise. Secret Affair Official, The Chords, Purple Hearts, Squire and good friends of The Laynes, The Small Fakers.

The Laynes O2 ABC. Glasgow – supporting From the Jam

How would you describe the bands musical style and if you can categorise the band to a specific genre what would it be?

We are just four mods playing in a Mod band!

The band records & performs original material, do you feel in today’s climate it is difficult to encourage people to buy, listen and support original artists?

Yes, it has been tough from the start to try to get folk to listen to us and i’m sure other original band’s would say the same. Lots of people on the scene want to hear cover band’s or DJ’s playing records they all know but band’s like us and The Deep Six will always keep doing our thing.

What difficulties have you faced and overcome producing, writing and recording music?

Our songs have come along quite easy to us it’s just getting time to get us all together to do The recording and production as we all know how time flies and it took us two years to record and release ‘Come On Board With The Laynes’.

What is meant by the Bands name and who came up with it?

The first name we had was The Zimmers until the BBC stole it from us lol but that’s another story for another day! Kevin then came up with The Laynes from the Pink Floyd song Arnold Layne, a classic tune!

What would you like to achieve as a band and what is the goal?

Just to keep making and playing music for everyone to enjoy!

Is there a track from the new album each of you are personally proud of the most and why?

I think we are all proud of all the tracks and how the album came together.

What makes The Laynes stand out compared to other bands?

Just having a good time along with the joy and pleasure of meeting so many good people along the way, sharing the same interests and music and we also try not to take ourselves too seriously.

What can potential fans expect from the band during a Live performance?

This is when we think we are at our best, getting up there, doing the tunes live, it’s that buzz that keeps you doing it!

Live The Old Hairdressers Glasgow 02/12/16

The new album Come on board with The Laynes was released on vinyl under the bands own label KDBS International. Tell me about the labels origins and why you decided to create your own record label?

The label KDBS International came about after we had hoped it might be released by another label but nothing happened as they had spent their budget on other projects so we had to then release it ourselves. Nothing to lose we thought!

You have been busy with a New single also being released recently. Tell me about that?

The Laynes, new vinyl single was released via melting pot records named good afternoon Mrs Jones with B side I’m having the time of your life. The album and single are still available to purchase. We are offering a great deal temporarily at £22 (Including P&P)

Each of you have been in other bands such as The Chosen and Hiphugger. Tell us about them and were they a similar style to The Laynes or is the band a completely new direction musically for all of you.

The four of us have been in lots of band’s down through the years. Baxter and Derek were in The Chosen, a five-piece mod revival sounding band between 1994 and 1999.with an album released that some of you might know called ‘Something for The Weekend’. Stephen, Kevin and I (Stephen) were part of Hiphugger a Northern Soul mod covers band from 2000 to 2006. After both band’s parted ways, it was time for The Laynes story to begin.

Is there anything you would like to share with current fans or potential fans discovering the band for the first time

As the title of the album says all we want is for everyone to ‘Come On Board With The Laynes did that sound a bit cheesy? Lol

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