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The Cycle Paths Debut Album Review

An Impressive first album from The Cycle Paths who Previously released two E.Ps. It’s a clean, sharp, crunchy, close sound that recalls the sonic textures of mod, 60’s garage & FreakBeat.
Many of the tracks throughout the album are at times musically aggressive, they are however, delivered with sophisticated & meaningful lyrics.

As well as the fast paced 60’s sound there is also a soulful R&B element to tracks like “ Co-op Wall” & “You cheated” reflecting the bands diverse musical sound. Adding a counterpoint to the faster paced tracks throughout.

Prior to the official launch on 21st February 2020 at The Country Music Bar chesterfield in chesterfield, tracks from the album had their debut broadcast on Glory Boy Mod Radio Show. The album was well received by many loyal fans and some new fans discovering the band for the first time. Following the launch they had the track “Other Side of the Road” played by legendary American radio DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on his SiriusXM LA radio show.
The lyrics are given life and meaning through the voice of lead vocalist Stace Rose, his voice conveys the message while the music entices you to get up and dance. Their sound is very familiar with definite influences from Dr. Feelgood. This is a change from from their previous E.Ps and takes them back to their roots.

The Cycle Paths already have a loyal following but the real ease of the album will surely see them start to gain much more exposure and attract a wider diverse audience of listeners. I look forward to more music from them in future. Mods of your generation feels privileged to have been sent this great album to review. I wish the band all the best as they continue their musical journey through The Cycle Paths (See what I did there?)

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