Lee Michael Stevens interview followed by track review of upcoming debut single “I miss u now”

Interview conducted by Chris Matthews.

Q1: So Lee you have your debut single ‘I miss you now’ being released towards the end of July, what can you tell us about this new track?

A: Yes, ‘I Miss U Now’ is due for release on July 26 and will be available on all online stores such as Bandcamp, Amazon, itunes, Spotify etc. The track was written by myself and my brother Paul Stevens a few years ago as originally this song was meant to be the next Swagger single but decided to put it on my album last minute and has ended up being the first single ha.

The song is about missing a loved one maybe during the lockdown or in any situation as you could say it is a pretty lonely song but positive at the same time as you are expressing your love for someone who you love and care about.

Q2: So ‘I Miss U Now’ is the first single from your new album ‘Part-Time Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ I believe? Can you tell us about the album?

A: The album features 10 original songs and was recorded at Sunshine Corner studios in Fleet UK with Producer ‘Smiley as i would say it’s pretty diverse album and has many different genres from indie, alternative, britpop, folk, country, blues etc added to the mix as I would describe the album to be pretty mellow, melodic & mesmerizing.

Q3: Is it strange releasing your music as Solo artist and not as The Swagger?

A: No not really as I am a songwriter so it just comes under a different name lol as you get to express yourself more, as sometimes it’s good to do something different as it’s good for the soul.

Q4: Do you prefer the solo aspect where you get 100% creative input and output or do you miss the involvement of the rest of the band?

A: I don’t mind either way as being in a band with your little brother can be pretty hectic at times ha. But saying that i couldn’t have done the album without him as he really put a lot of hard work into the album as well as my Producer ‘Smiley’. Being in a band can be pretty stressful at times especially when you have 3 other opinions in the room and sometimes it can get a bit lairy.

Q5: If you could work with any artist, then who would you choose? And why?

A: Hmm that’s a hard question…it would probably have to be Liam Gallagher or Richard Ashcroft innit.

Q6: Any venues that you would like to play that you haven’t played before in the UK?

A: I would like to play the 100 Club in Oxford Street as this is an iconic venue as bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Stones etc have played there and many others.

Q7: After the release of ‘I Miss U Now’ what have you got planned for the year ahead gig wise?

A: I’m supporting Toyah at Cambridge Junction on October 29 and hoping to book a few warm up gigs in the Summer 2021 – But due to Covid this might not be possible but fingers crossed as I am itching to start gigging again – I plan to tour the UK in Summer 2022.

Q8: Has it been difficult getting this album finished and recorded with the restrictions of the past 15 months?

A: Funnily enough the album was completed during the end of lockdown in late March 2021 and only took 7 days to record as I had awesome professional musicians around me including Smiley, my brother Paul Stevens & David Tims and i couldn’t be more happy with the way the album turned out – Yes the restrictions were really difficult and very frustrating at times as the recording dates got rescheduled many times, but we managed to get things done and was very happy with the outcome.

Q9: Anything you would like to say to loyal supporters out there or any potential new ones?

A: I would like to thank all my loyal fans for sticking by me and not giving up on me and hope to see you at a show very soon – as I plan to release 3 singles in 2021 with music videos and a full album expected in Summer 2022.

(Please visit my website at www.lms-music.com to keep up to date with new releases, tours etc)


Track release date – 26th July 2021

I Miss u now track review

I miss u now is an out and out rock n roll love song, the song does exactly what it says in the title, it’s a song about missing someone you love deeply and a song we can all relate to and its got a brilliant upbeat melody to it instead of your usual boring love songs. For me its got a big nod of the head to the one and only Mr Richard Ashcroft which can only be a good thing, if you’re an Ashcroft/britpop/90’s indie fan then this is for you and a brilliant introduction of what to look forward to from Lee Michael Stevens and his new album.

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