Review of Jodie’s Debut Single Pushover

A phenomenal debut single from Jodie who describes herself as a 60s soul in a Millennials body. Jodie has a wide range of influences ranging from new wave, 60’s Soul and Motown. Her influences are definitely apparent throughout the song especially with Motown vibes and a soulful feel from the start. From the opening piano and Jodies soft vocal abilities to the driving beat throughout, the track leaves you wanting more. The relatable message it portrays partnered up with a powerful production is what really makes the song stand out. Jodie has a raving future ahead with Pushover being the beginning of a bright future.
Jodie has said Pushover is about her younger self when she fist started dating, not feeling confident and feeling walked over. Since moving to London from Norfolk, gaining more confidence and taking control of her life. Jodie has changed her life around and now stops allowing people to treat her as a pushover. The message behind the song is truly empowering and inspirational and it’s something many of us can relate too.

The chorus really drives the message “

Don’t wanna be your Pushover Not someone you can tell what to do, Just wanna be your lover honey. Someone I can hold on tight too
Pushover (You really got the wrong impression of me)
Pushover (Come on baby set your mind free)

A pushover is defined as a person who is easy to fool or influence. There is no fooling you here, just go and listen to the song and hear for yourself.


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