Small Faces: Live 1966 – Unearthing a Treasure of Soulful Power

Small Faces: Live 1966 – Unearthing a Treasure of Soulful Power


The Small Faces were a captivating four-piece band that emerged from London with an irresistible charm that other bands struggled to match. Their music dominated the hit parade and held a special place in the hearts of fans, continuously impressing both old and new listeners with their passion, soulful sound, and incredible grooves. The band members were a perfect match, not only in size but also in their impeccable fashion sense, which has since become highly coveted and replicated. Their musical talent is legendary.

Steve Marriott, rightfully hailed as the greatest British white soul singer of all time, had a knack for writing lyrics that were just as iconic as those penned by Lennon/McCartney. His guitar skills were also praised alongside the likes of Keith Richards. Ronnie ‘Plonk’ Lane, the melodic and cheerful gypsy mod, possessed a voice of an angel and his basslines could captivate a crowd just as much as Marriott’s vocals. Kenny Jones, naturally gifted behind the drum kit, delivered drum fills that were on par with the best, including Keith Moon, Roger Powell, and Mitch Mitchell. Lastly, Ian McLagan’s cool and collected presence behind the Hammond organ introduced the soulful sound the band aimed for, reminiscent of Booker T and the M.G.’s. When these four components came together, they created an explosive studio sound, while their dynamic live performances became the stuff of legend. Kenny Jones, through his new Nice Records label, has now released a new album that unveils the band’s early mod era, showcasing a frenzied live performance that is exhilarating, passionate, and fearless. Titled ‘Small Face – Live 1966,’ this release lifts the lid on the band’s electrifying stage presence.

The recordings for this album were captured at the Twenty Club in Mouscron, Belgium on January 9th, 1966, using on-stage microphones without the band’s knowledge. Looking back now, it is clear that everyone involved is grateful for this foresight. Previous bootlegs of these recordings had a rough quality, but thanks to a professional mix by Tosh Flood and new mastering by Nick Robbins, along with the addition of the full matinee shows, the tracks on this album showcase a magnificent display of powerhouse rhythm and blues. Listen to the Plum Nellie medley, where the youthful band unleashes a barrage of outstanding musicianship. The inclusion of the previously omitted track, Strange, along with the Solomon Burke-influenced single What’cha Gonna Do About It, the B-side Grow Your Own, and the soulful sequel E Too D, will leave you breathless. The sheer power of the band is awe-inspiring, making this discovery a true treasure.

There are several versions of the album being released. The digital version is already available, while a single CD set was released on September 3rd. The 2 LP colored vinyl format, featuring artwork signed by Kenny Jones, will be released on November 5th. Each version includes previously unseen archival material and images from the band’s heyday, as well as a new interview with Jones conducted by Martin Payne. This find is truly a miracle of the modern age. Just when it seemed that everything that could be released from this rock and roll hall of fame band had already been unearthed, there is now hope on the horizon for more exciting discoveries from the suitcases where Jones found these recordings.

You can find Small Faces Live 1966 available for purchase here.


Small Faces live 1966

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