Man At Q And M – I’ll be glad when you’re dead Review

New single from Man At Q And M – I’ll be glad when you’re dead Review

The track gives off indie rock punk vibes as it is uniquely created by the new emerging band “Man at Q and M”, who flavored this song with their artistic aura. The three musicians in the band truly represent the indie music scene with their particular independent tinge. The electronic guitar groove at the start of the track sets the vicious mood which is accentuated by heavy bass and sensitive lyrics.

However, the punky guitar groove in the middle sets a rather humorous streak to the track which is ironic. Mark surely did a wondrous job by playing the groovy guitar tune to balance the sensitivity of lyrical threats to the deceiving man and rather create imagery of simple chasing and darting between the deceiving friend and the ravaged. The heavy bass and the strong vocals by also by Mark set up the mood of a revengeful nature.

Whenever Mark sings “I’ll be glad when you dead, you rascal, you!”, it gives off scolding as well as the mourning of being fooled. The lyrics ” I trust you in my home, you rascal, you” is a way of renting anger over the deceitful act by a trusted person.

This song with heavy drums and harsh vocals truly blends into an ode to renting over heartbreak. It gives the listener away to reciprocate the pain and agony of betrayal and deceit. The electronic keyboard notes at the start of the track set the mood of revenge which is painful and tricky. While listening to the track the devastated go through the emotions of grief, agony, and healing. It lets you resonate rather than dumping the misery of betrayal. This resonance comforts the listener as it approves the feelings and intentions of resentment towards the person who had an ill will. The whole feel of the song validates the anger and the listener feels light and comforted. This track sets up an illustration of creating tracks that truly resonate with sensitive emotions such as anger and betrayal.

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