The Forgotten Spanish Mod Revival Band – Escándalos

The Forgotten Spanish Mod Revival Band – Escándalos

I discovered this group recently when the bands Facebook page joined our Community Group on Facebook, upon further investigation I realised that they were a Mod Revival band formed in 1982. I asked several people across the scene and there doesn’t seem to be much information or much known about them. So I went about doing my own research and was pleasantly surprised about what I found.

Escándalos meaning Scandals in English were born from the ashes of two bands from Madrid named los inquietos and los flequillos in the summer of 1982. During the three years of the existence of escandalos they engrossed themselves in a variety of genres taking inspiration mainly from the Mod revival and bands such as The Easybeats, The Chords and The Jam. I suppose you could say that escándalos were always evolving with the times taking inspiration from not only the UK but music across the globe. Which in fairness often confused their followers but, hey! that’s the life of the artist and you have to put out music that inspires you but at the same time put your own slant on it. That’s very much what escandalos were all about. In the early beginnings of the band they mostly performed covers like The Jams “It’s too bad” and Going Underground”, The Who’s “The Kids are alright” and even The Vandellas “ Heat wave”. All lyrics were adapted to Spanish of course which I’m sure led to a satisfying listening experience.

Their first demo was recorded in 1983 and seen the release of original material with melodic energetic power-pop tunes “fiesta comenzo”, “aqui y ahora” and “nada en la cabeza”. 1984 was an exciting time for the band as they evolved into having more of a pop-art inspired pre-psychedelic sound which can be heard in songs like “donde se fue la diversion” which in its own right was a small hit on the radio at the time. They went on to get the 3rd prize at a local battle of the bands competition which enabled them to secure a record deal with a local independent label named Twins and get back into the recording studio to release their last and only ever release. Which by the way is available to purchase on Discogs, but if it’s anything to go by there isn’t too many out their for sale. Anyways After the aforementioned battle of the bands the bass player Alfonso Sanchez decided to quit the band but was replaced by Pedro leralta(ex-spanish primeval punk band flor de basura).

They went on tour to promote the release across Spain and Barcelona but it triggered the end for the band as amidst personal differences got in the way and the record company showed disinterest in any further releases it was then that they decided to call it a day. Despite being short lived and only a few releases these guys definitely had something going and I urge you to check them out on Facebook and of course their music which is on ReverbNation.

All information is researched independently and believed to be accurate.

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