Review Of Jodie’s Single “Threads”

Review of  Jodie’s New Single “Threads” 

Threads is the third single from London based, Norfolk born, soul singer-songwriter Jodie. Speaking about the track, Jodie says “With being into the 60s Mod and Northern Soul scene I wanted to write a song that portrays feel good energy and makes you want to dance”. Threads was written in mid 2021 when restrictions had just been lifted from the pandemic. She explains: “It felt odd getting dressed up, putting my favourite outfits back on and being ready to see friends again in person – I know this would have been a universal feeling so conveyed this in Threads”.

As the title portrays the song is all about connection; a connection hidden in the word ‘Threads’ that unites us. A connection to fashion that only some will understand, Jodie takes us on a joyous, rebellious journey through past with a positive energy that can be enjoyed in the present time.

The song’s lyrics revolve around elements of the Importance of fashion and confidence, Jodie’s smooth soulful voice flaunts the fun and nostalgic energy of modernist youth and the importance of looking good. “I look my best when I’m in my threads” Jodie wants us to feel and live in the joys of that moment reflecting our mood and how important fashion is to our way of life. The song brings us on a nostalgic trip to Detroit and the sounds of Motown with upbeat fast tempos alongside simple yet catchy lyrics. The song has its roots deeply embedded in the roots of soul with a 90s modern feel. That soulful feeling seems to be a fundamental driving force and theme in all Jodie’s releases so far. No doubt, Jodie is imparting that joyful energy through her smooth soulful voice but she also delivers a radiant and confident aura in her lyrics. The lyrics “I look my best, when I’m in my threads” for me sums up the importance of our clothing when it comes to the Mod Culture or for anyone for that matter. After all our clothes play an important part in our identity and the added attention to detail is what makes us stand out and sets us apart from everyone else. “Threads” is perfect for your everyday blasting or a go to tune before you head out on the town. It gives off the feeling of the beginning of an all-nighter in a packed out underground venue as she sings “I’m gonna dance till the morning light”. It bestows the energy to get up and wear your best clothes and have carefree fun while dancing to an energetic and fun beat. This song is infectious and sticks in your head and once it’s played through you find yourself playing it all over again.

Listen to the song on YouTube and download on all music platforms below.

Jodie – Threads is available on all music platforms

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