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About The SRB

The SRB are a versatile Birmingham three-piece outfit made up of experimental Singer/Songwriter Samuel Rogers, alongside the ‘Funk Punk’ Chris on Bass and Samuel’s very own Keith Moon-like best friend, Harry O’Dowd on drums. The band originally formed back in 2013 and soon released their live EP ‘Turn It Up!!!’. Their songs range from Rock, Soul, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Blues and more. After a good stint of playing gigs and at events up and down the country, supporting the likes of Stone Foundation, The Moons and The Spitfires on their travels, The SRB disbanded with Samuel and Chris going to work on other music projects such as White Flag Dares.

Then in 2020 when a loyal member of their fan base ‘The SRB Army’ Jack Baudet sadly passed away, his wish was for The SRB to perform at his wake, so The SRB gladly got back together for the occasion and performed in Jack’s honour. They performed like they’d never been away!! A conversation with Jack’s son Marcus, about recording old songs they never recorded the first time around, brings us to this point. So for old time’s sake and for their loyal supporter ‘King’ Jack ten tracks of absolute SRB classics are immortalised for ever. We have reviewed each track below but in summary this is an absolute belter album

The SRB – Samuel Rogers, Harry O’Dowd & Chris Moulton

A Piece of The Action Album Review

A Piece of The Action: The opening song of this anthology album “A Piece of The Action” was written by lead singer/ guitarist Samuel Rogers during lockdown in remembrance of the passing away of a loyal member of their fanbase ‘The SRB Army’. It features nine tracks that were previously unreleased alongside a single that gives the album its name. The band started work on ‘A Piece Of The Action’ in March 2021 with producer John Rivers, who had previously worked on The Specials hit ‘Ghost Town’, and Eddie Hewitt at Woodbine Studios in Leamington. Former Ocean Colour Scene guitarist Andy Bennett also accompanied the band in the studio on various tracks. It was digitally released on 11th February 2022. However, vinyl and CD are now available to purchase which features stunning artwork which accompanies this master classic piece of Psychedelic Rock infused punk.
The song has a raw sound featuring rough guitar riffs and a thumping funky rhythm. This is what really brings the track to life. Samuel’s vocals alone are energetic and mood-boosting and the song overall gives off the sense of action and fun. The lyrics are somewhat motivational as Samuel sings ” You decide which way the wind will flow”. Perfect lyrics to boost up your spirits and charge up your energy and prepare you for anything. This is definitely a go to track to start your morning or to unwind and blow off some steam after an exhausting day.

Leg Shaker: Wow! The song starts with a fast drum beat automatically making your head thump, and you can’t help but move to the fun and joyful beat. This track gives off full-on energetic vibes coupled up with roaring vocals. It’s definitely a thumping floor filler and one that you can’t help but dance too. It’s definitely one that should be played loud and when performed live I guarantee will urge the crowd to let go and “Feel the beat” as it blasts from the stage. This is a ear pleasing track which gives off a good energy and one that will radiate for sometime.

Acid Boom!: starts with a tangy tune of guitar backed riffs and after a few moments continues with constant computer-generated rhythm giving it the Psychedelic funky tinge of the past. Then the daringly innocent vocals can be heard “Come on just make me feel good now!” This continues throughout providing a blatant mischievous vibe. The tangy guitar note continues to play between vocals and is accumulated by banging drum strikes. This song has a slow tempo in line with soft, passionate, simple lyrics and it works beautifully as they complement each other. It’s a proper chill out tune and one that should be listened too loud.

BulletBiter: The upbeat guitar notes and electronic rhythm set the mood of Bulletbiter. The powerful rough vocals are just amazing and to the core it’s a rebellious psychedelic rock, indie anthem. Ooof! This is another song that I feel should be appreciated live, The SRB have a reputation for putting on highly energetic blasting live performances. Which is even more of a reason to grab your tickets and go experience their psychedelic rock vibes live as they put on shows at the Night Owl venues (Digbeth on Friday 9th September and Finsbury Park on Saturday 10th September).

Call to Arms: This song gives off jazzy, soulful indie vibes and a change in direction as it’s sang in a melancholy voice. The lyrics “When I am singing this like a call to Arms” it suddenly fills your heart with comfort, calm and warmth. The backing vocals are stunning and add a beautiful soft touch to the song. The song resembles someone who has lost there way and forgotten who they used to be or a friend longing for another chance to put the past behind and rekindle their relationship. It’s a great breakup song to help let go of the past. “You tell me your name seems our love is changed” is the perfect personification of the fact that nothing is in the same way as it was before. There is distance, acceptance, longing and pain all which can be felt in the lyrics and in Samuel’s delivery.

Well, I’m sorry(home): Well, starting with reminiscent soft guitar riffs, the beats start to pop up with classy drums played by Harry O’Dowd. Chris Moulton brings the bass. The song is sung in a higher tone but still retains the virtue of low breathy smooth vocals. This shows how talented Samuel is as a singer with this only being achieved by intense practice and experience. The re-recording of almost ten years of lost songs go down well and have aged like a fine wine. This track gives off a grungy vibe with the guitar riffs in the middle.

The Fortune Teller(That got it all wrong): This melody is infectious because of Harry’s rebellious drum beat, Another psychedelic soulful feeling touch throughout the track that teaches the Importance of enjoying the time we have. The importance of rejoicing and celebrating life, Our future can’t be foreseen so enjoy the joys of life before it’s too late. The message I feel the track gives off is to remind us to keep our cool and not to clog our minds with the predictions of fortune-tellers. Those who will predict or assume the person we are. It’s a reminder that we should make our own way in life and we are the owners of our own destiny. A soft reminder to go at your own pace because the Fortune tellers; they all got it wrong!

Livin’ with the Zombies: Probably one of my favourites on the album especially the starting rhythm of the song. The lyrics “I’m living with the zombies and I’m the only loving soul” may refer to people who really have no goals or views of their own but follow each other for no real purpose. The song urges us to not live with the zombies and not to go out and do our own thing and not to stand in the shadows waiting for our opportunities to come. It’s one that can be enjoyed over and over again. Despite the true meaning behind the song it’s just a really good tune and again delivered perfectly It’s an absolute banger and I love the zombie grunts and groans near the end which I think really brings the song to life. It’s just bloody brilliant and you need to go and listen to it now.

Rest easy: The soft guitar notes and vocals send you back to the era of 90s indie rock with soulful melodies, guitar riffs and belting drum beats. Samuel wants us to take things easy and the chilled out vibes once again come across with beautiful reminiscent guitar riffs and the perfect combo of energy and slow pace from “Funk Punk” Chris Moulton on bass.

Moving on To Yesterday: The soft piano rhythm set in the beginning is perfectly mingled with Samuel’s soft vocals. The soulful melodies throughout alongside Samuel’s soft voice create an illusion of euphoria but also sadness. Reminiscing on good old times and moving on to yesterday. The melody and tempo of the piano are tender and Samuel’s vocal delivery takes you on a journey of different emotions. This is prominent throughout the album with Samuel having the ability to make the listener feel different emotions through each track. This is testament to Samuel’s ability not only as a singer but as a passionate story teller in how he delivers the song. I have absolutely loved listening to this album throughout the week and it’s definitely an album that will last the test of time and a must have in anybody’s collection.

Available to buy now on CD and Vinyl HERE

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