The Glory Mod Radio Show’s Alan May Reviews New Album Lost and Found by The Touch

The Glory Mod Radio Show’s Alan May Reviews New Album Lost and Found by The Touch

There were many rumours about this band over the years and some very long tales, friendly arguments and short stories within our scene mostly debating the band’s name and an early bootleg album release which was given away in the main at scooter rallies in the UK.

Originally released as The lost touch by The Mods , the title couldn’t have been so far from the truth, and so wrong in many ways (more aptly should’ve been called ‘The Lost Mods’ by The Touch) – the album was a hit with Mods, revivalists and collectors alike as having some superb tracks on it and relating to the punchy 4 piece mod sound of the day which we all loved.

It re-appeared for a second run at some stage though this time as a clear vinyl edition replacing the black one, and again on a short release by whom nobody knows but nobody cared – it was a keeper and something to cherish among the usual suspects from the scene in your record box. The music was the key and the sounds certainly hadn’t lost touch!

Having had a very short life span the band though remained friends but went in their separate ways and careers and it wasn’t until 2018 that the re emergence of the band took place. A four-piece band of people who still loved music and had an appetite to play live never mind spending weeks in a London studio putting together a new album after all this time apart! Funny thing is though some members still were playing and performing music albeit in different formats you would never had guessed they’d been apart.

So, lets fast forward…. 

This new album titled ‘’Lost and Found’’ by the way, is an album of new original music, some tracks written way back in the hazy days of Thatcherism’s Britain in the late seventies – early eighties and others penned and re-arranged in today’s modern world of 2019 and I’m guessing by the way it is crafted blends and lends itself to all things happening today.

The 14 track titles could be strung together to make a short story if you like, though listening to each and everyone for the third and sometimes fourth time you really start to relate to each one in its own right – some would have you thinking the track was written especially for you. The song writing in the main is brilliant relating to times past and present and looking deeper in, telling the story of a young man’s angst, loves, lost and life growing up in the dark streets of London…

If I was asked who stands out in The Touch I’d be struggling to say as each member has put the energy and effort into there trade, super bass playing , excellent riffs and power chords from the guitar, along with faultless drumming, the vocals just add the cherry on the cake if you like, clear, sometimes aggressively raw but definitely honest.

The songs most likely to raise eyebrows on the record for me anyway, are Grey Day, Desperate, I ’m a Stranger and Twilight– and as my pre notes say ‘’this is The Touch’’ – 100 % Core Revival tracks but don’t take my word for it – listen for yourselves!

Whether you are an old fan of The MODS or a new fan of The TOUCH, whether you just like Revival, or superbly written creative music, or just power pop at its finest– cleverly penned, punchy, honest guitar band music, this album sure provides that which doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. You’ll be reaching out for the repeat button it’s that good and Amongst friends we call it a player!

By Alan May – The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show .

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