Exclusive Interview With Jodie About Her Debut Single “Pushover” With Review From Sean Chapman

Jodie has had an incredible few months releasing her debut Single “Pushover” followed by “Treat Me Better” Both tracks have received phenomenal reviews. “Pushover” especially has been the most talked about and when played by Renowed DJ Sean Chapman at the Brighton Mod Weekender it became an instant floorfiller. Sean Chapman tells us all about it and expresses his views on both tracks and the response from the crowd in Brighton below.

Jodie Richardson is a young 25 year old lady who has been part of the MOD scene for the last few years and has built up a very healthy reputation djaying with her partner Callum Sammon in all of the hip clubs in the UK. She also hosts a weekly radio show called Hip Teens. Jodie is one of US.

For the last week or so I have been pushing Jodie Richardson’s début 45 on Original Gravity with “Pushover” on the A side and Treat Me Better on the flip. TWO distinguishing sides. Pushover is aimed at the dance floor with it’s vibrant and uplifting, enticing beat, relentless and utterly infectious and has all the ingredients to beckon the dancers. “Treat Me Better” is equally as good, a subtle relentless mid-pacer and will more than have great dance floor action.

On Saturday Night while I was doing my second set in The Komedia Night Club (part of the New Untouchables Brighton MOD weekender). I announced that there was a young lady called Jodie Richardson in the room who had just released her first 45 on Neil Anderson’s Original Gravity records called “Pushover” To say it blew the bloody doors off is an understatement, signalling a stampede rush for dance floor space. Needless to say, Jodie received a standing ovation and everybody rushed over to congratulate her, she was I know very touched and still cannot believe the reaction this 45 is having, already played at quite a few MOD and Soul events over the last weekend and I am sure will become a MONSTER! Well done Jodie.

Sean Chapman Raving MINCER

Our Review of “Pushover” HERE

Continue reading to find out more about Jodie in an Exclusive Interview

The Arrival Of Your Debut single ‘ Pushover’ has landed. What has the response been like from listeners?

Honestly its been amazing. I’ve had such lovely, kind and warm messages about Pushover. I’ve been very overwhelmed since the release, I always said to myself I would be happy if at least 10 people listened to it but within the first hour it was already past that number on Youtube. I’ve had a lot of support from within the Mod and Northern soul scene as well as people outside the scene who said they can’t get it out of their head! Really everyones been so lovely and I cant thank everyone enough.

Can you give us an insight into the meaning behind the track and about your creative process?

Pushover was written in 2020 during the first lockdown. I had recently lost my job like a lot of people due to the pandemic. I had a lot of spare time on my hands whilst job hunting so I started to write again. I have been a singer songwriter for many years now but before the pandemic had writers block for about 2 years.

Having the free time took me back to thinking of my younger self and past experiences. I was thinking back to the days when I first started to find love, when I first started going out to clubs, bars and Pushover just came to me. It started with the Chorus, I started humming the melody, I then went and picked up my acoustic guitar which I write all my songs on and within an hour I had written the first draft of Pushover.

When I was writing I knew I wanted to get the message across that Im not going to be walked over anymore, and that it was time to stand up for my younger self. Most of the lyrics with the music are upbeat but really it comes from a raw place. I always love when songs have this contrast.

Recently announced is the release of your next single ‘Treat Me Better’ tell us about that also?

Treat Me Better is the B-side to Pushover and was written with the same headspace and mind set of Pushover. I wrote it about a week after Pushover and they fit together like a jigsaw. They summed up the emotions I had as a young adult. Seeing people thinking it’s ok to be mean to someone or to treat them badly genuinely upset me.

It made me realise that I and others don’t need to put up with it. That it was time to stand up for myself because no one else will. I suppose they are both a coming of age song about my life then but written from me at 24 years old.

Is there any plans for more single releases or possibly an album?

Yes, more music to come soon! I have a lot in the pipe line, including some very exciting things that I cant disclose yet as I don’t want to jinx it but all I can say is make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep posted on whats coming up.

In regards to an album I would absolutely love to create an album. It’s something i’ve always wanted to do so I hope one day in the future I will be able to release one.

Who are your music heroes and which artists and musicians do you draw inspiration from?

I have a few musical heroes, from a lyric front I am in love with Bowies writing along with Robert Smith from The Cure, although they aren’t the style I write, their lyrics are amazing and inspire me so much.

From the soul side of music my first inspiration was the likes of The Supremes, Dusty Springfield and Etta James. The full band sound has always attracted me, with such powerful and strong females on lead vocals has gave me the courage to release the music I was writing. Their fashion also inspired the way I dress, with The Supremes stunning clothes to Dustys beautiful beehive.

Do you have any gigs lined up?

At the moment no, I have been asked by several people this and its something I would love to do! Currently I’m in the process of working on this, all I can say is 2022! Make sure you keep and eye out on next year.

You studied songwriting at The institute of Contemporary music education in London. Tell us about that and do you feel it has been beneficial to your success?

I really enjoyed my time at ICMP and learnt a lot but I believe the place that benefited me the most was my college, Access to Music In Norwich. It gave me the courage and an opportunity I never thought I would get from going to a place of education. The tutors were amazing and supportive.

Access really paved the way for my writing and letting me to explore other writing styles. ICMP taught me how to find myself and the genre of music I was comfortable in. I always thought I would write 80s synth pop with a touch of Soul but really my heart always has and always will lie with 60s R’n’b and Soul.

Both Songs touch on emotional, touching issues that many people can relate to. How does it feel to write music that could possibly help someone dealing with some of the things described in the lyrics?

Honestly, if my songs can help anyone through anything then my job here is done. All my songs come from my heart and from a meaningful place within which I know many people go through. Life is hard, especially with what everyone is going through at the moment, sometimes you have to just sing your heart out to your favourite song and know things will get better.

I will always say to anyone, don’t be afraid to speak out, there are services that can help you. Breakups and going from and young adult to being a full adult isn’t an easy road and everyone needs help along the way.

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