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,,The White Ribbons are a four piece power pop punk band from Manchester, formed after a jam session in 2017 with an idea to actively support the White Ribbon Charity (, A leading charity on a mission to put a stop to male violence against woman by engaging with men and boys to change the cultures that lead to the issue arising.

The White Ribbons Band use their music as a platform to actively promote, raise awareness and influence change not just for the White Ribbons charity but many other cultural issues that are important to them.

The band’s debut performance was at the legendary Morecambe Nice n Sleazy Punk/Ska Festival in 2017, They made a huge impact with the audience inspired to get behind the bands positive message. They have been invited back to perform every may bank holiday continuing to spread awareness and encourage change.


Their latest three track CD opens with a song called ‘Leftovers’ with front man Brian Mitchell saying the song was written as a tribute to David Bowie as he speaks to a packed audience at the Great British Alternative Festival at Butlins in 2019. He adds ‘ I didn’t know David bowie, I never met him but his life infiltrated every element of what I am and who I am’

The song is a touching tribute to Bowie but also leaves the listener in a reflective mental and emotional place to remember a lost loved one who may have had the same impact on their life.

Brian’s singing tone vocally is similar to that of David Bowie which illustrates how much he influenced him musically. I had a friend listen to the song and he thought it was David Bowie so there is a clear similarity in not only his voice but in the bands song writing style which of course is a compliment and nothing to be critical about.


The next track ‘S.O.P.H.I.E’ is another tribute but this time it’s for a young girl named Sophie from Lancashire who dressed in a unique way, expressed her individuality and followed an alternative Subculture. I am sure we all can relate to being named called for expressing ourselves in ways that may not conform to the social norm. I personally have experienced this on many occasions as I choose to follow mod culture. In Sophie’s case it didn’t stop at name calling and she was brutally beaten and kicked to death for being different.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation ( was set up to raise awareness and focus on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities.

Performing at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool in August 2019 frontman Brian said ‘If you look at the person next to you. We are all a bit different and that is no reason to be kicked to death’. Again raising awareness for the charity and the incredible work they do but more importantly remembering Sophie who lost her life because she dared to be different.

Social Work, Cats And Rocket Science
(Bonus Track)


A fun quirky and memorable song that you can’t help but sing a long too and definitely a bonus. It’s hard to determine what the song is about. However I think it’s about everyone having varied interests, passions and priorities. They may not be shared with everyone but that doesn’t mean we can’t all get along regardless of our differences.

The White Ribbons have rumoured to be releasing a full album in 2021. I’m sure each track will have the same passion, drive and determination to promote awareness and support for various cultural and social issues that the handful of releases have so far.

Definitely the most memorable and meaningful three songs I have listened to in quite a while.

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